Grades K-12

Circus is for EVERYONE! Introducing “Roustabout”!

“Roustabout” is a hilarious romp through the circus world, with a vintage twist! Join Giovanni and  “Circo Magnifico – the second most amazing circus in the world!” for a mad-cap lesson in fun. This zany collection of performers includes high-flying aerialists, acrobats, and dancers that keep everyone on the edge of their seats. You won’t want to miss a minute!



What the kids are saying!

Chris wheels down the hall!

Chris wheels down the hall!

“Hi! Just wanted to let you guys know that you were amazing today! I REALLY enjoyed the part where the woman in the white leotard used all of the different colored hula hoops and made it look like a human slinky! Really impressive! I hope you guys go far with this and I just LOVED the performance! Many thanks! – Kristie F, 8th grader

“Dear performers, All of the acts today were really amazing! All of you guys have a ton of great talent. It was really cool how two of the performers were both in a sitting position but holding onto each other and helping keep each other up. It was also really cool how one of the performers was doing cool tricks high up in a ring. I thought it was also cool how in the first act the girl was waving around a ribbon and it looked cool because of the motion she was doing it in. I thought the performance was very good and I would love to see it again. Sincerely, Samantha (8th grader)


What the schools are saying!

“The children had a wonderful time!  I heard things like, “how can they be so flexible with their bodies or the German Wheel guy was cool!  I thought he might hit his head!”. I’m glad they took notice and saw another creative outlet to consider as a vocation or hobby. Not everyone is fortunate to have these experiences but I’m glad you came to introduce them to something fabulous:-). Thank you for helping make this possible. You were wonderful and easy to work with. I will definitely pass your information on to next round of cultural arts team and other schools. Please thank everyone in the group for bringing a wonderful show to us! Warmly, Susanne (Hommocks Middle School, Larchmont, NY)


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