In The Press

ImaginAerial entertains at Fashion Show

Angela Jones featured on Grey Goose/Sundance Channel

ImaginAerial featured on PBS Nova Special

ImaginAerial on the WB Morning News

ImaginAerial and their dynamic performances have been featured on national television in nearly a dozen countries, including Greece, Portugal, Germany, and Romania.

In the USA, they have made guest appearances on countless morning news programs and local TV spots across the country, highlighting their numerous tours and cirque-style shows. You may recognize them from:

They have also been spotlighted in Talent in Motion Magazine and Spectacle: a Circus Quarterly. Come see what all the hype is about!

Below you will find an assortment of televised clips featuring ImaginAerial as well as quotes from satisfied clients and established agents. Dare to imagine…

“As they worked on double fabric slings, engaging with their winning smiles and effervescent personalities, it was impossible to keep from smiling watching them.”
— Spectacle Magazine

“Curiously appealing and wonderfully entertaining, ImaginAerial always mystify their audiences. Bodies intertwine, harmonizing like music, flowing like art, blending together to create a visual masterpiece”
— Athena Starr, Talent In Motion Magazine