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ImaginAerial’s Opening Act- How We Met

January 31, 2012 Comments Off on ImaginAerial’s Opening Act- How We Met Aerial Acts, Customizing Apparatus

Everyone loves how-we-met stories because they are often funny and romantic and just a little cheesy. Laura and I are no exception. Even though years later, like many partners we would go through couple’s (business) therapy on national television, that doesn’t tinge our adorable beginnings.
It was one bright eve in an outer borough. Laura and I were both performing solo acts, she on silk and I on rope at a nightclub in Queens that no longer exists. I remember seeing Laura and thought how professional she looked, all cirque-like.  I felt like a country mouse next to her glittered up self. We were performing at different times and on opposite sides of the room and people kept thinking we were the same person and calling us by the other’s name. Since then, people have asked us on numerous occasions if we were twins which is a little strange given our height difference.  On that night though, our similar looks made things a bit confusing. Laura called me the next day and (as she likes to put it) threatened me,“Join me or die.” I think she was slightly more charming than that, but whatever the method I quickly agreed and we began rehearsals.
Neither of us were totally flush at the time, Laura was about to get married and I was moving out of my ex-fiance’s place, so we struck a deal with the Queen’s nightclub owner. We could use the space for free if we would offer performances for a rather reduced rate.  At that point, there weren’t any tall aerial rehearsal spaces (yes, kids it’s true) and it seemed perfect. The only drawback was that it was dark, a little musty and had no heat. Winters then aren’t like winters now. We rehearsed with our coats and hats on and then when we thought we got it right, and were fairly warm, we’d take everything off and run whatever we’d gotten through. It took us the better part of a year, rehearsing two hours a day almost every day to get the act right. We were so psyched but then we couldn’t actually get through the darn thing physically because we hadn’t built the endurance back. It’s so funny to us now because now I know that act so well I’m sure we could do it with having no training or prep at any moment.