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ImaginAerial Presents: Sideshow

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What is Sideshow?

Rose trunk color


ImaginAerial’s sideshow artists are quirky, edgy, and the life of the party! Many right from the stages of Coney Island, these artists are an outrageous and daring addition to any event. We know – it sounds really over-the-top, but audiences go wild! Be as daring or as conservative as you wish, there’s something for every party.


What Does Sideshow Look Like?



ray-edit-swordWhat Does a Sideshow Artist Need to Perform?


  • Acts include sword swallowing, human blockhead, fire, contortion, yo-yo, bed of nails, juggling, and more.
  • Needs depend a bit on which artist(s) are booked.
  • Contortionists need a clean floor space, and about 5×5 feet of space on a stage, pedestal, or floor.
  • Artists can perform acts as walk-arounds, on a stage, or even pose as guests at the event for a VERY surprising reveal!
  • If you have questions (and I’ll bet you do), give us a ring at (929) 260-3134 and we can talk you through it.


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“How much for a contorting midget?” And Other Inquiries

I’d like to say we help dreams come true. Heck, our motto is “Dare to Imagine..” Bringing an exciting vision together is definitely part of what makes this job fun and 99 percent of the people we actually work with are really great clients.

Let’s face it though, circus attracts some serious crazy. And we get quite a few amazing emails and requests.  Sometimes, I think what I do in reality is stomp on dreams, smack people in the head with a hard dose of reality, and then either cry or laugh or both simultaneously. The acts we perform are definitely on the extreme ends of what is physically possible for humans to do. Therefore, some people think we can defy gravity, walk on water, or live on air.  For those curious about what it’s like to run circus events, and/or for those that also do events and just feel the need for a little comedic camaraderie, we made a list of the types of inquiries we get (which is honestly not far off from some actual inquiries we’ve gotten). Enjoy.

“I need three fire performers, two giants, and a midget that can contort. How much is that?”

“What can your performers do in saris?”

“How much for a show?” (No other details like city or date or what they might like provided)

“Our ceiling is 7 feet tall but we’d like a doubles aerial act.” (Rug burn..)

“What can I get for $150?” (A nice pair of shoes)

“The acrobats will perform in skin tight non-stretch skinny jeans and body paint.”(So you want to suspend fashion models)

“We’d like only females and need the acrobats to stay and serve the gentlemen guests.”

“We need acrobats for a custom routine on a giant Mercedes hood ornament in Singapore the day after tomorrow. Can you please send all the CV’s and pictures of every acrobat so we can approve them. Please send them by this afternoon.”

“We’d like aerial bartenders who can serve for three hours straight.” (We aren’t bats)

“We don’t have a ladder or anything, can you just stand on each other’s shoulders to rig?” (That’s another act)

“We’d like the acrobats to perch on the walls then jump onto the tables as people walk in to the space.” (I don’t know if Spidey is available)

“We’d like the performers to drop from the ceiling and land two feet above the audience’s heads.” (You go get the insurance to cover that)

“Here is a link of what we’d like.” (a link to Cirque du Soleil’s “O”)

“We’d like 15 acrobats for an event in San Diego. We have no money, but it’s great exposure for a great charity.”

“We’d like three acrobats for an hour and a half show.”

“Our theme is Marie Antoinette meets Ghost Busters meets Urban Grunge, can you send us pictures of your costumes in that style?”

“We’d like to attend every rehearsal leading up to the event, would that be okay?” (No)

“Slight change. It was going to be in my grandmother’s backyard w a freestanding rig but now it’s going to be at Madison Square Garden. I’m assuming I can just pencil that into the contract and initial it?”

“We’d like an acrobat to flip down the center of the dining table to start. Of course it will be before the appetizer is served.” (phew, you had me worried)

“Can she perform to ‘Wind Beneath my Wings’?”

“Can you fly the bar mitzvah boy in and have him land on the top of an acrobat pyramid?” (No)

“We’d like 24 acrobats for a six hour show that will really make people go ‘wow’.”(wow)

“Can the acrobat just jump off the trapeze to the floor at the end of their act?”

There you have it! Please feel free to leave any silly typical ones I may have left out or the craziest one you’ve gotten.

written by Angela Attia

Static Trapeze

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Rose Contortion trapWhat is Static Trapeze?

Static Trapeze is a dramatic aerial act performed on the static (non-swinging) trapeze. The artist executes breathtaking acrobatics and gorgeous poses while suspended high in the air. One, two, three, or four artists! This act does NOT swing.


What Does Static Trapeze Look Like?


What Does This Act Need to Perform?

Don’t worry – we have rigging options to suit nearly every venue! This act requires one or two close rigging points (exposed beam, sky hook, truss, theatrical grid, etc.), and a ceiling height of at least 14 feet. Trio or quad trapeze acts require truss or crane bars to ensure even spacing of ropes. Free-standing rigs are also available. Email us at or call us at 212-252-3131 – we’re happy to answer your questions!


This act is 6-8 minutes long.

  • This act does not swing, but solos and duos can spin if done on a single point.
  • Solos and duos are perfect for performances with audience on all sides.
  • This act is available with one, two, three, or four artists.
  • This act requires at least 14 feet to be safely performed in its entirety.
  • This act is appropriate for all audiences.
  • There are multiple costumes and music choices for this act.
  • Floor must be completely clear (no tables,  chairs, sets, etc.) Performer must be at least 3 feet from the edge of a stage or platform.
  • Performers may not perform directly over audience members. All necessary precautions must be taken to prevent audience from walking underneath the aerialist.

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Acrobatic Pole

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What is Acrobatic Pole?

Acrobatic pole is a beautiful, free-flowing act performed on a custom-built apparatus that looks fantastic at any event. The artist flips, twirls, and spins while performing dazzling feats of strength and flexibility. This act is appropriate for ALL audiences.




What Does Acrobatic Pole Look Like?



  • This act is approximately 6 minutes long.
  • This act requires at least 14 feet of ceiling height .
  • This act requires a performance space of at least 12 square feet.
  • This act is appropriate for all audiences.
  • There are multiple costumes and music choices for this act.


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Light me Up Baby!

September 23, 2013 Comments Off on Light me Up Baby! Aerial Acts, Corporate Events, Costumes, New Offerings!, Theme Parties

Light-up costume  This Saturday ImaginAerial unveiled their latest and greatest! Introducing….The Light-Up Costume!! This was very exciting mainly in that we had no idea if it would actually hold up or not. It not only held up but brought down the house. Our performer even managed to make herself strobe mid-way through. Now that is talent, people. How many of you have self-strobed?!

Check it out!



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Learning How to be Funny and other Aerial Tricks

"Dead" And yes, I'm holding Laura by her ponytail in this picture!

The aerial world tends to take itself a little seriously, and maybe that’s because it’s so damn physically difficult. We are usually too busy just trying to hang on and force a smile through the pain and exertion.  Aerial work definitely always amazes people and has a certain mystique about it, and performers know it. Performers are often either sexy or showy or artsy, but rarely hilarious. Any attempts at comedy tend to be more cute than actually funny.
A couple of years ago,  we were on tour and both had the flu and Laura asked what would happen if one of us sort of fell apart in the middle of the act? Then we wondered, what if one of us died? Could the other person make sure that the show will go on? Laura and I decided to give comedy a shot and came up with this piece “Dead”. We had a blast creating it because it was something we’d never done into before. We even got some feedback from our professional clown friends. We discovered how important timing is and how big we have to make gestures in order for them to read. The act has continued to be many people’s favorite because it’s aerial work with a dark twist. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it.



ImaginAerial’s Opening Act- How We Met

January 31, 2012 Comments Off on ImaginAerial’s Opening Act- How We Met Aerial Acts, Customizing Apparatus

Everyone loves how-we-met stories because they are often funny and romantic and just a little cheesy. Laura and I are no exception. Even though years later, like many partners we would go through couple’s (business) therapy on national television, that doesn’t tinge our adorable beginnings.
It was one bright eve in an outer borough. Laura and I were both performing solo acts, she on silk and I on rope at a nightclub in Queens that no longer exists. I remember seeing Laura and thought how professional she looked, all cirque-like.  I felt like a country mouse next to her glittered up self. We were performing at different times and on opposite sides of the room and people kept thinking we were the same person and calling us by the other’s name. Since then, people have asked us on numerous occasions if we were twins which is a little strange given our height difference.  On that night though, our similar looks made things a bit confusing. Laura called me the next day and (as she likes to put it) threatened me,“Join me or die.” I think she was slightly more charming than that, but whatever the method I quickly agreed and we began rehearsals.
Neither of us were totally flush at the time, Laura was about to get married and I was moving out of my ex-fiance’s place, so we struck a deal with the Queen’s nightclub owner. We could use the space for free if we would offer performances for a rather reduced rate.  At that point, there weren’t any tall aerial rehearsal spaces (yes, kids it’s true) and it seemed perfect. The only drawback was that it was dark, a little musty and had no heat. Winters then aren’t like winters now. We rehearsed with our coats and hats on and then when we thought we got it right, and were fairly warm, we’d take everything off and run whatever we’d gotten through. It took us the better part of a year, rehearsing two hours a day almost every day to get the act right. We were so psyched but then we couldn’t actually get through the darn thing physically because we hadn’t built the endurance back. It’s so funny to us now because now I know that act so well I’m sure we could do it with having no training or prep at any moment.

Repeat performances- How to give ’em the beef without making it into meatloaf.

January 17, 2012 Comments Off on Repeat performances- How to give ’em the beef without making it into meatloaf. Aerial Acts, Corporate Events, Theme Parties

I had Cirque style entertainment at my party last year. Everyone absolutely loved it, but how do I top that this year? There can be too much of a good thing, and nobody wants to repeat themselves. Think Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. Need I say more? Nothing is ever as good as the first time. The last thing you want is to chase after a good idea with a cheap carbon copy formula (or greedy aliens). That said, people love cirque style entertainment and what are you going to do to follow that up, hire a mariachi band? You’ve set the bar pretty high, now you have to at least meet expectations. How do you do that without seeming like you are doing the same thing?

Well, there are ways. You just have to be creative.

1. Talk to us about figuring out something totally different- We’ve hired breakdancers, strolling tables, and girls who dance inside balloons. We are very connected in the entertainment world and could find something really unique for you.

2. Recontextualize the entertainment- Rather than having girls just hanging upside down, put them to work! Have them also pour people’s champagne. Aerial bartending is a fun way to really turn your party upside down. It’s interactive and fun. Most people don’t get to chat with someone hanging by their ankles on a regular basis.

3. Choose really different apparatuses– Silks are beautiful and exciting but also very popular. There are some amazing apparatuses that most people haven’t seen like a quadruple trapeze. It really draws people’s attention.

4. Use technology -There are all sorts of new technologies from interactive lighting, to lights that project video. A lot of it is cheaper than it seems it would be. It’s always good to seem high tech even if you still haven’t entirely figured out your iphone.

Don’t be afraid to be out there. People love telling their friends about that hip cool party where they saw something none of them have seen before. Many people have hired us year after year, but need to make sure their audience is not getting tired of Cirque. It doesn’t have to be always how we think of it, there are many possibilities, All you have to do is to let us think of them!

Aerial Bartending

Aerial Bartending

NYE- Pressure, pressure, pressure….

December 29, 2011 Comments Off on NYE- Pressure, pressure, pressure…. Aerial Acts, New Offerings!, Special Celebrations, Theme Parties

New Year’s Eve is a time for the big and splashy, a time to pull out all the stops and celebrate until you find yourself sitting on your welcome mat with someone else’s dog. Given that people spend a lot of money to make this night special, as a planner for their party, you want to make darn sure they feel like they got their money’s worth. Cirque style Entertainment is perfect for this kind of celebration.

How do we make sure everything goes flawlessly?

  1. Book Early  It’s especially important on this day to make sure you get the acts you want.
  2. Nothing After Midnight  This advice cannot be emphasized enough. The energy of this night changes after Midnight like no other party does. I was part of the Millenial Celebration in Times Square. The organizers had the great idea of having performances every hour from different parts of the world as each country or region celebrated Midnight. This idea worked marvelously until midnight EST, when the annual mass exodus occurred, but they made us keep performing until 6 am. What a slogfest. By 1:30 am, it was just the performers dancing to tumbling champagne bottle bags and a couple of very resentful TV crews. Even when people do stay to celebrate after the pivotal moment, they will be too busy smearing their lipstick on someone’s face or dancing barefoot in among smashed bits of glass to care about much else.
  3. Higher Energy Acts Later As people get more inebriated they will need something bright and fast moving to keep them focused. Normally we like to have a balance of energies throughout the evening, but on this night it’s a little different. Put any walkaround performers on early as well as the contortionists. It will warm people up and put them on a great trajectory.
  4. Have performers arrive the day before  This time of year is often fraught with all sorts of delays. This event is too big a deal to take chances. Make sure there is plenty of time for performers to get their luggage too.
  5. Whenever Possible, Add Glitter and Confetti If you can’t afford confetti canons then we can throw them out of our bras from 18 feet up. However you do it, it ain’t NYE if people aren’t spitting out mouthfuls of chopped up mylar.

    Winter Fabulousness

    Winter Fabulousness

The Fine Line between Chintzy and Chic –How to make a Theme Party work

September 12, 2011 Comments Off on The Fine Line between Chintzy and Chic –How to make a Theme Party work FAQS, Theme Parties, Uncategorized

Probably the worst themed party ImaginAerial has ever done was a Luau themed party complete with fake tiki lamps and plastic leis.  Now this theme sounds like it could be fun, except that it took place in an incredibly dark sports arena on the east coast.  The party goers shivered in their mumus as they sipped mai tais in the cold and drafty space. And it was so dark, I’m not sure anyone was aware of people flying around above. Everything about this party was incongruous with our act and the venue. No one told us the theme ahead of time, so we arrived all Cirqued up, looking like we’d gotten the wrong room.  If we’d only known, we could have been tropical birds or even just had water themed music and costumes, but instead we looked like aliens from Montreal dropped in the tropics.

White parties are also all the rage.  Yes, white is cool, classy and modern, but white is well, white. Colorless, monochromatic, and dare I say, a little dull. Also a white costume on a white silk on a white background gives you the “Where’s Waldo?” problem.  However, we aren’t here to insult themes even though it’s fun. When cleverly done, a great theme can really make a party stand out.

Winter Silks

Winter Silks

First, just because you have cirque acts at your party does not mean the party’s theme has to be “Cirque”.  There is nothing wrong with a cirque theme, but most cirque acts are more than willing to play with different kinds of themes.   You can choose almost anything, whether it be the Roaring 20’s, Space Aliens, or Vampires. We can make it work.    Integrating the theme in with the acts makes the whole event seem polished rather than thrown together.  I’ve had prosthetic fangs on while partnering with two other people on a trapeze and no one bit a hole in her tongue.  I know it can be done!  The theme doesn’t have to be elaborate; it just has to work for your event.

 Questions to consider when you are searching for a theme:

Who are your attendees?  What is the occasion?

Has this theme been done in your community before?

What do you want people to walk away with?

Will it work with the feeling of the space? and the dimensions of the space?

What is your budget? Will it require special decorations or costumes?

Is there a way to integrate your food or entertainment into the theme?

Luau Compatible

Luau Compatible

Some of our favorite themes have been: Under the Sea, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, In the style of a certain painter, Winter Wonderland, and Moulin Rouge.

Just please, spare us the Hookie Lau unless you are having it outside or in Hawaii.

Something a little Sassier

Something a little Sassier