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Wowzahs – What a Wedding!

December 17, 2013 Comments Off on Wowzahs – What a Wedding! Photos and Video, Special Celebrations, Uncategorized

This past Saturday, as cottony puffs of snow drifted to the sidewalk, we had the pleasure of performing at an absolutely stunning wedding reception! Elegant and chic, this event at Cipriani’s 42nd St was one of the highlights of our year. Rigging was provided by the amazing Tony Bonilla/BNW Rigging  – one of the absolute best  (and a dream to work with) if you need special event rigging in NYC and beyond! And of course, Cipriani’s is a HEAVENLY event space. Best wishes to the happy couple, and many thanks to the top-notch professionals who made this magical reception happen! Dare to Imagine, Laura





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Happy Holidays!!!!!!

December 24, 2012 Comments Off on Happy Holidays!!!!!! Special Celebrations, Uncategorized

Bah Humbug


NYE- Pressure, pressure, pressure….

December 29, 2011 Comments Off on NYE- Pressure, pressure, pressure…. Aerial Acts, New Offerings!, Special Celebrations, Theme Parties

New Year’s Eve is a time for the big and splashy, a time to pull out all the stops and celebrate until you find yourself sitting on your welcome mat with someone else’s dog. Given that people spend a lot of money to make this night special, as a planner for their party, you want to make darn sure they feel like they got their money’s worth. Cirque style Entertainment is perfect for this kind of celebration.

How do we make sure everything goes flawlessly?

  1. Book Early  It’s especially important on this day to make sure you get the acts you want.
  2. Nothing After Midnight  This advice cannot be emphasized enough. The energy of this night changes after Midnight like no other party does. I was part of the Millenial Celebration in Times Square. The organizers had the great idea of having performances every hour from different parts of the world as each country or region celebrated Midnight. This idea worked marvelously until midnight EST, when the annual mass exodus occurred, but they made us keep performing until 6 am. What a slogfest. By 1:30 am, it was just the performers dancing to tumbling champagne bottle bags and a couple of very resentful TV crews. Even when people do stay to celebrate after the pivotal moment, they will be too busy smearing their lipstick on someone’s face or dancing barefoot in among smashed bits of glass to care about much else.
  3. Higher Energy Acts Later As people get more inebriated they will need something bright and fast moving to keep them focused. Normally we like to have a balance of energies throughout the evening, but on this night it’s a little different. Put any walkaround performers on early as well as the contortionists. It will warm people up and put them on a great trajectory.
  4. Have performers arrive the day before  This time of year is often fraught with all sorts of delays. This event is too big a deal to take chances. Make sure there is plenty of time for performers to get their luggage too.
  5. Whenever Possible, Add Glitter and Confetti If you can’t afford confetti canons then we can throw them out of our bras from 18 feet up. However you do it, it ain’t NYE if people aren’t spitting out mouthfuls of chopped up mylar.

    Winter Fabulousness

    Winter Fabulousness