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Luminarium “Lite”!

August 30, 2018 Comments Off on Luminarium “Lite”! New Offerings!, Stage Shows, Uncategorized, Updates!

Last weekend, we had the extraordinary pleasure of debuting the new PORTABLE version of our glow-tastic circus extravaganza, “Luminarium”! With a free-standing rig, small UV stage lights, and a whole lot of talent, this show can pop up just about anywhere. Have a look!

ImaginAerial at OAPN!

October 24, 2013 Comments Off on ImaginAerial at OAPN! New Offerings!, Uncategorized, Updates!
Our booth at OAPN!

Our booth at OAPN!



Where have WE been for the past few days? The Ohio Arts Presenters Network conference! We are excited about getting the word out about The Bizarre and Curious Quest of Killian Cog, and drove to Newark, Ohio to meet up with folks who can make that happen. We made some great connections, and had a lot of interest in the show! Dare to imagine, Laura



Click here for more info on The Bizarre and Curious Quest of Killian Cog


And away we go!

And away we go!

Longerberger basket

Here is a building in the shape of a basket!



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