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Luminarium “Lite”!

August 30, 2018 Comments Off on Luminarium “Lite”! New Offerings!, Stage Shows, Uncategorized, Updates!

Last weekend, we had the extraordinary pleasure of debuting the new PORTABLE version of our glow-tastic circus extravaganza, “Luminarium”! With a free-standing rig, small UV stage lights, and a whole lot of talent, this show can pop up just about anywhere. Have a look!

ImaginAerial Presents: Sideshow

November 4, 2016 Comments Off on ImaginAerial Presents: Sideshow Corporate Events, New Offerings!, Theme Parties, Uncategorized

What is Sideshow?

Rose trunk color


ImaginAerial’s sideshow artists are quirky, edgy, and the life of the party! Many right from the stages of Coney Island, these artists are an outrageous and daring addition to any event. We know – it sounds really over-the-top, but audiences go wild! Be as daring or as conservative as you wish, there’s something for every party.


What Does Sideshow Look Like?



ray-edit-swordWhat Does a Sideshow Artist Need to Perform?


  • Acts include sword swallowing, human blockhead, fire, contortion, yo-yo, bed of nails, juggling, and more.
  • Needs depend a bit on which artist(s) are booked.
  • Contortionists need a clean floor space, and about 5×5 feet of space on a stage, pedestal, or floor.
  • Artists can perform acts as walk-arounds, on a stage, or even pose as guests at the event for a VERY surprising reveal!
  • If you have questions (and I’ll bet you do), give us a ring at (929) 260-3134 and we can talk you through it.


Contact ImaginAerial

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ImaginAerial at OAPN!

October 24, 2013 Comments Off on ImaginAerial at OAPN! New Offerings!, Uncategorized, Updates!
Our booth at OAPN!

Our booth at OAPN!



Where have WE been for the past few days? The Ohio Arts Presenters Network conference! We are excited about getting the word out about The Bizarre and Curious Quest of Killian Cog, and drove to Newark, Ohio to meet up with folks who can make that happen. We made some great connections, and had a lot of interest in the show! Dare to imagine, Laura



Click here for more info on The Bizarre and Curious Quest of Killian Cog


And away we go!

And away we go!

Longerberger basket

Here is a building in the shape of a basket!



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Light me Up Baby!

September 23, 2013 Comments Off on Light me Up Baby! Aerial Acts, Corporate Events, Costumes, New Offerings!, Theme Parties

Light-up costume  This Saturday ImaginAerial unveiled their latest and greatest! Introducing….The Light-Up Costume!! This was very exciting mainly in that we had no idea if it would actually hold up or not. It not only held up but brought down the house. Our performer even managed to make herself strobe mid-way through. Now that is talent, people. How many of you have self-strobed?!

Check it out!



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Killian Cog – Traveling Man (Guest Blogger Chris Delgado!)

June 26, 2013 Comments Off on Killian Cog – Traveling Man (Guest Blogger Chris Delgado!) New Offerings!, Stage Shows, Uncategorized

howfarforpastGuest blogger, Chris Delgado (our fabulous Killian!), waxes poetic about the shows beginnings, and the magical glue that holds it all together. Take it away, Chris!


Musings on “The Bizarre and Curious Quest of Killian Cog”

Killian Cog is a traveling man. He was born on a small airplane traveling from Texas to New York, as we (Laura, Angela, and myself) huddled over a notebook and tossed ideas across the aisle. He had an unusual trio of parents. His conception was electric, we could all feel it. As his journey twisted from fantastic to scientific, desperate and grasping, to solid and spiraling, his journey began with simple words: steam punk, time travel, love, circles.

We had so many ideas all stewing about, crossing and leaving trails, like sand slipping from our fingers, slowly falling and building something no single member of our team had absolute control over. Killian is built from strong pieces, strong performers, powerful minds. But the heart of Killian, the thing that pushes him forward, every moment through all of time, are not his lonely pieces, but the spaces between; when cast members offer up their personal “rubber chickens” and everyone is dancing, listening, writing, or sewing for hours after rehearsals. All of this show, from the handmade costumes to every note of the score; this is a show made not only of love, but of many loves and passions and fights and tears. And it shows in the faces of the cast on another Sunday rehearsal that goes on too long and runs over into the next. We love what we do. And we have assembled an exceptionally talented and passionate group of people here not just for themselves, but to be a part of something larger. So come, meet Killian, meet us. Follow in Killian’s footsteps, be free to dream of something impossible and to make it be.

Buy tickets to our Aerial Showcase and SNEAK PEEK at “The Bizarre and Curious Quest of Killian Cog” this weekend at SLAM! 8:00, Friday & Saturday, $20. Get tickets here!

Learning How to be Funny and other Aerial Tricks

"Dead" And yes, I'm holding Laura by her ponytail in this picture!

The aerial world tends to take itself a little seriously, and maybe that’s because it’s so damn physically difficult. We are usually too busy just trying to hang on and force a smile through the pain and exertion.  Aerial work definitely always amazes people and has a certain mystique about it, and performers know it. Performers are often either sexy or showy or artsy, but rarely hilarious. Any attempts at comedy tend to be more cute than actually funny.
A couple of years ago,  we were on tour and both had the flu and Laura asked what would happen if one of us sort of fell apart in the middle of the act? Then we wondered, what if one of us died? Could the other person make sure that the show will go on? Laura and I decided to give comedy a shot and came up with this piece “Dead”. We had a blast creating it because it was something we’d never done into before. We even got some feedback from our professional clown friends. We discovered how important timing is and how big we have to make gestures in order for them to read. The act has continued to be many people’s favorite because it’s aerial work with a dark twist. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it.



What’s HOT in Ground Acts for 2012

February 15, 2012 Comments Off on What’s HOT in Ground Acts for 2012 FAQS, New Offerings!, Uncategorized

It may be cold outside, but it’s pretty warm  at the studio (kind of hot, actually)! What is it, you ask, that has us all a-twitter? Ground acts, ya’ll. Ground acts. Come see the must-have acts for 2012!


German Wheel

German Wheel

What it is: Well, it’s kind of hard to explain – you’d better watch this video. It’s like a human hamster wheel, but way better.

Why we love it: This act is SO dynamic and fun! It engages and energizes an audience like no other performance. With jaw-dropping spirals and incredible acrobatics, the German wheel will knock (roll?) your socks off. Highly recommended!


Acrobatic Pole


Acrobatic Pole

What it is: Yep – this is another one of those video moments. Click here to see this performer on the Ellen Degeneres Show!

Why we love it: Really, what’s not to love? The strength, beauty, and astounding athleticism of this act is just beyond words. He seems to defy gravity itself! Not to be missed.



Glow Juggling

What it is: You only think you know what juggling is. Imagine glowing balls and clubs, light up props, and some very sassy performance. Yes, please!

Why we love it: It’s a classic for a reason! Reinvented and amped up for 2012, this act never fails to get rave reviews!

Click here to see this act in action in our latest promo video!







What it is: You know what contortion is, I don’t have to explain it. But if you’d like to see some WOW!-inducing bendy-flexiness, check out this link.

Why we love it: Because it’s amazing to see people sit on their own heads! Also fun? The audience’s reaction to watching it! If I did this, they’d have to call an ambulance, so I leave it to the pros. Gorgeous!


 Hand To Hand

What it is: If you watch only one video today, please – let it be this one!

Why we love it: Um, hello? Because it’s simply astounding! This act brings the house down every show. The strength and beauty of this act cannot be overstated – it’s absolutely exquisite. AND they’re really easy on the eyes. Just a completely impartial observation.




We’re adding new acts to our company every day as we team up with the best of the best. Give us a ring – we’ll chat!

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NYE- Pressure, pressure, pressure….

December 29, 2011 Comments Off on NYE- Pressure, pressure, pressure…. Aerial Acts, New Offerings!, Special Celebrations, Theme Parties

New Year’s Eve is a time for the big and splashy, a time to pull out all the stops and celebrate until you find yourself sitting on your welcome mat with someone else’s dog. Given that people spend a lot of money to make this night special, as a planner for their party, you want to make darn sure they feel like they got their money’s worth. Cirque style Entertainment is perfect for this kind of celebration.

How do we make sure everything goes flawlessly?

  1. Book Early  It’s especially important on this day to make sure you get the acts you want.
  2. Nothing After Midnight  This advice cannot be emphasized enough. The energy of this night changes after Midnight like no other party does. I was part of the Millenial Celebration in Times Square. The organizers had the great idea of having performances every hour from different parts of the world as each country or region celebrated Midnight. This idea worked marvelously until midnight EST, when the annual mass exodus occurred, but they made us keep performing until 6 am. What a slogfest. By 1:30 am, it was just the performers dancing to tumbling champagne bottle bags and a couple of very resentful TV crews. Even when people do stay to celebrate after the pivotal moment, they will be too busy smearing their lipstick on someone’s face or dancing barefoot in among smashed bits of glass to care about much else.
  3. Higher Energy Acts Later As people get more inebriated they will need something bright and fast moving to keep them focused. Normally we like to have a balance of energies throughout the evening, but on this night it’s a little different. Put any walkaround performers on early as well as the contortionists. It will warm people up and put them on a great trajectory.
  4. Have performers arrive the day before  This time of year is often fraught with all sorts of delays. This event is too big a deal to take chances. Make sure there is plenty of time for performers to get their luggage too.
  5. Whenever Possible, Add Glitter and Confetti If you can’t afford confetti canons then we can throw them out of our bras from 18 feet up. However you do it, it ain’t NYE if people aren’t spitting out mouthfuls of chopped up mylar.

    Winter Fabulousness

    Winter Fabulousness

ImaginAerial Goes To BizBash!!!!

October 25, 2011 Comments Off on ImaginAerial Goes To BizBash!!!! New Offerings!, Uncategorized
Woot! Last week, ImaginAerial attended the BizBash Expo here in NYC, and oh – what a time we had. I thought I’d take this opportunity to share with you some of the folks we met, as well as highlight some companies we partner with to “bring the fabulous” to your event.

Strolling Tables

 Screaming Queens Entertainment

The name kind of says it all, doesn’t it? They provide everything from celebrity impersonators to showgirls, but our personal favorites are the gorgeous strolling tables pictured here. Check them out, and tell them ImaginAerial sent you!

Theatrical Vendors

 We also met with reps from Props for Today (scenic prop design), Pink Inc who does many of our large sculptural costumes and set pieces, Rosebrand (theatrical backdrops), and PBG Event Productions and Rentals (where we source our illuminated set pieces, pedestals, and more).

Pink, Inc.


Gorgeous illumination by PBG Events


 Bedazzle My Bonbons

Glitter? Bonbons? Yes, please! This was another fabulous find – so fabulous in fact, that we meandered past their booth a few (dozen) times. Not only are these glitter-coated bonbons gorgeous to look at, they are fabulously delish!  To find out more about Bedazzle My Bonbons, click here.

 Make My Cake Bakery

To keep our sugar high on an even keel, we also hovered near the Make My Cake Bakery booth, where they plied us with heavenly samples of cake-y perfection. While cake has nothing to do with what we offer, we wanted to give these folks a huge shout out – their presentation was spot on, and the samples scrumptious! They also happened to be some of the warmest, most delightful women we had the pleasure of meeting. Find out more about them here!
It was a great expo, and it’s always such a rush to see the new technology and innovation in our field. Stay tuned in the coming months for new offerings from ImaginAerial – we’re puttin’ it all to work! … And taste testing all your cake.