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The Show Must Go On!* *(Hurricanes not included)

September 5, 2011 Comments Off on The Show Must Go On!* *(Hurricanes not included) FAQS, General, Theme Parties, Uncategorized

We have performed with the flu, during a blizzard, and without costumes.  We’ve improvised in all sorts of ways, performing through snot and snow (even sans glitter!) without ever missing an appearance. When I heard about Hurricane Irene, my first thought was that we’ve been rained on during a performance before, how bad could it be? Our client wisely pointed out however that an event in a tent during a category three hurricane just seemed a bad idea.  Luckily, she quickly reorganized the tent and caterers and our entire team was able to reschedule for Thursday, Sept 1st. After some initial scrambling, it turned out to be a spectacular night after all.

The theme for the party was “Alice in Wonderland”.  I love this premise because it  allows for surreal things to happen… like Circus!  The characters in this story are clear and just lend themselves to being portrayed by wacky cirque acts.

Cheshire Cat and little girl

Cheshire Cat and little girl

The aerialists alternated as the Cheshire Cat, who is always seen up in a tree and often upside down. We had spectacular Cheshire Cat smiles painted on which looked funny if our own teeth were seen. In order not to ruin the illusion, we had to do toothless smiles. It worked but try undoing decades of habitual smiling!

Cheshire Cats

Cheshire Cats


Queen of Hearts and the March Hare

Queen of Hearts and the March Hare






The Queen of Hearts walked around inside a giant bubble and took kids inside with her. She also used the bubble to make her own head disappear.  The more she told the kids she was going to chop off their heads, the more they seemed determined to get into the balloon with her.

The Mad Hatter unicycled and juggled various objects while the March Hare spun plates, tossed a diablo, and juggled.

Our characters  didn’t just walk around in costume but interacted with the attendees and showed off some difficult skills. Their talents and willingness to play with the their characters really added to the wild and colorful atmosphere.

Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter

In the end, Irene never stood a chance against the force that was Alice.


Just Say No to the Sparkly Banana Hammock – Choosing the Perfect Costume for Your Event

Oh, how I wish I could erase some “questionable costumes” from my memory. We have been asked to wear everything from bedazzled coconut shells (um, no thank you) to neon so bright, our images were probably permanently seared into our audience’s retinas. Bollywood saris, odd white space alien type unitards, giant insect wings, you name it – we’ve worn it. But how should you go about choosing the right look for your event? Never fear, Dear Reader, we’re here to help. Here’s what we consider when making our costume recommendations:


  1. Consider Color – What lovely colors are you using for your event? We always start here – nobody wants to see lime green costumes in a burgundy room, but a gold or autumnal mix would be lovely!
  2. Consider the Theme – Just as color can make or break a costume choice, the theme of your event also has to be considered to avoid looking odd. Performers should look perfectly at home in whatever fabulous environment you’ve created, whether it’s “Alice in Wonderland” or “Tahitian Magic” (but please, we beg you – no coconut bras, they chafe).
  3. Consider the Acts – Many acts have specific needs when it comes to costumes, like having shins exposed for leg catches, or lower backs covered to prevent fabric friction burns. These are tremendously important for the success (and safety!) of each act.


And that’s all. folks! Once we have the answers to these three questions, we will send you a link to our private costume gallery along with our recommendations, and you can pick what you like. Don’t see anything that floats your boat? For an additional fee, we can have custom costumes designed for your event, or rent something fabulous from The Creative Costume Company; either way, you’re – or rather, we’re, covered! And now, for your viewing pleasure, some of our “favorites”: