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Budget Negotiations- Shall we Dance?

March 26, 2012 Comments Off on Budget Negotiations- Shall we Dance? Pricing

Here is how the beginning of many requests go… Client: How much does it cost for a show?  That question is a little like going to a real estate broker and asking how much it would be for a house. It all depends on what you want (how many acts, performers, time) and how much you are willing to pay for it.

The best way to get what you want is tell us up front exactly what you have to spend.  This way we can tell our clients exactly what they can get for the amount they have. We want you to be happy. For example, if you tell us your budget is $5,000, we are certainly not going to tell you that you can get one person spinning plates for that.  We will see how we many excellent performers we can get you for that money according to your theme and likes. There are ways to get the most bang out of your buck, like doubling up acts.  If three performers can do six different acts, you really end up saving. The incremental increase is little compared to the initial cost, and the greater variety you have, the more impressed people are.
We are not used car salesmen and are not interested in upselling you. There is a certain minimum that you have to spend to get anything cirque-style, but beyond that we don’t want to push your financial boundaries. In general, our policy is that we need to get paid adequately for what we do just like catering and the venue (read: no one is trekking to New Jersey for 5

hours for $200). There is a base price for each type of act that we cannot go below.  If someone offers something that is too cheap, it’s best to be a little wary like with anything else. You might get that car off the lot, but that may be as far as it goes. However, we are not out to gouge anyone. As far as the market goes, we are very reasonable and we try to only charge what is necessary.  We will be honest and clear about it all, what we can do and what we can’t.  If you want to dance, we can do that to, just not around the budget!

Is Cirque-Style Entertainment Worth the Money? What You Should Know Before Parting With Your Hard-Earned Cash

January 10, 2012 Comments Off on Is Cirque-Style Entertainment Worth the Money? What You Should Know Before Parting With Your Hard-Earned Cash FAQS, Pricing, Uncategorized

Cirque-style acts don’t come cheap. There, I said it. If you’re looking for a contortionist (as in a person who can balance on her hands and sit on her own head) to come and perform at your party for $300, I have some bad news for you: the most you’re going to get is a strung-out yoga student in sweat pants or a Capezio unitard performing to Enigma and falling off the stage. We’ve seen it, and it’s not pretty. Repeat after me: you get what you pay for.

Why Do The Acts Seem So Expensive?


… Well, can you sit on your head or spin from one ankle? (If so, call us!) Quite simply, we have been training for years to do what we do. You’re paying for 20+ years of ongoing training with private coaches, innate talent and skill, rehearsal space (at upwards of $25 per hour), insurance, the hours and weeks that go into planning your event, and a host of other factors that go into presenting professional shows. It ain’t face painting, ya’ll!

What Goes Into Pricing An Act?


Among other things,

  • How rare the act is (if you’re the only alligator wrestler in the Tri-State area, you can pretty much write your own ticket)
  • How amazing the act is (see below!)
  • How long they’ve been in the business and what kind of reputation they have for excellence
  • Whether they’re booked months ahead of time or last minute


So, Are They Worth It?


The great ones are worth every cent or more. The mediocre ones don’t make it into our company. If you’re good with a flexible yogi dressed like an extra from “Flashdance”, have at it! But if you really want the quality, brilliance, and virtuosity of a professional act, then you must be willing to pay them what they’re worth. You’ll never regret it.

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