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Lighting up New Year’s Eve Again in Times Square!

January 4, 2016 Comments Off on Lighting up New Year’s Eve Again in Times Square! Corporate Events, Photos and Video


IMG_3235 (1)Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 8.23.54 AMImaginAerial once again quite literally lit up Times Square with beautiful new flashy high tech costumes and props. Whether blinding people while pouring champagne and hanging by ankles, or spinning LED hoops, or lighting up the night with costume characters. We rang in the new year right in the heart of NYC.Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 8.20.01 AM Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 8.16.15 AM Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 8.19.11 AM

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 8.24.47 AMScreen Shot 2016-01-05 at 8.18.01 AM


You don’t need a wind machine for your promo and other fine tips!

December 15, 2015 Comments Off on You don’t need a wind machine for your promo and other fine tips! Photos and Video, Uncategorized, Working in Circus

See the ImaginAerial videos!Here at ImaginAerial world headquarters, we get at least a few video links a week.  So it’s safe to say we’ve see a lot of promo videos. They range from someone doing contortion on the edge of a cliff in the desert to jumpcuts of industrials that would make your head spin. SO how to stand out without getting to far out there?
Now I’ll be honest, we don’t often hire based on a video. It’s like committing to a romantic vacation with someone whose profile you saw on a dating site. It makes me nervous. That said, sometimes we do. I’ve done it when we need a really different kind of act or a special combination of skills (like ground and aerial) or the gig is in a location that only makes sense to hire locals. So video comes in handy.
Believe it or not, I’ve also hired people based on a rehearsal video. Skill is skill. And some people who just graduated from circus school haven’t had a chance to get enough footage yet. I get it. That said, it doesn’t hurt to put your best foot forward and put a decent promo reel out there.


No need to hire a whole professional crew though.

Here is what it should have:
1. Your best tricks- if you can do something hard put it toward the beginning!
2. Your variety of skills-don’t write me that, oh by the way you can also do Rola Bola. If it’s not on Vimeo or YouTube, it doesn’t exist.
3. Your personality-if your promo is a little funny then I want to watch it again or share it. It will make it stick in my memory. However, just be sure that you don’t get too cutsie. But if it makes me think I’d like to hang out with you. Great.
4. The kinds of shows you’ve done-if they are only student shows or rehearsals, it isn’t a deal breaker but if the person watching is on the fence, it won’t help you if it doesn’t seem like you are a real professional.
5. Good footage-Tape every performance you do with a good camera if you can. You don’t have to hire an editor, just get to know some editing software yourself as you know what will stand out the most to people that are hiring.

On the other hand, your video should not be:

Hawaii, HI

No need to perform on a volcano.

1. Unedited- I have 1 minute to decide if I need to see more or you in or you are out. I don’t want to see you dance around your silk on the floor for that minute.
2. Edited too much- If I can’t see anything at all, I will get frustrated. I want to see some transitions and sequences. It’s not about showing off your video editing skills but what you can do. Too slickly packaged anything makes me think it is covering up a lack of substance.
3. Too hard to find- Whatever makes your act different, tag it that way. I get frustrated when I’m looking for hula hoopers in Detroit or lyra people in Houston and I can’t find a thing.
4. Overly “creative”- don’t show anything in a mask, on the edge of a cliff, or in your bathroom. Your creativity should show through your movement, not the dressing.

Finally, If you update or add, let people know. It’s okay to remind people you are there or what you are up to couple of times a year. Also, really important, let people know where you are from or where you will be. If you are from the Ukraine, I hate to say that we will not be going through red tape etc to bring you on a gig here. However if you are based in Florida but come to NYC to visit family, let us know!

One last thing to note.. If we ask you for footage to add to our reel, be flattered! It means we think your act has the potential to be hired and it’s different from what we have already. Also, if we ask you then you will always get first refusal. If we stop using you completely for one reason or another or if no one seems to be buying your act, then we also probably won’t use your video because clients get attached to who and what they see.

The video is just one tool. And you can always change it. Also, you might have a fabulous promo, but just not the set of skills or style a company needs at the moment. If in doubt, put it up on social media and ask for feedback and then don’t take it personally…BUT ladies and gentlemen, that is another BLOG! Happy editing.


Dare to imagine,

Angela Attia


October 20, 2015 Comments Off on LUMINARIUM reboot at WANO Corporate Events, Photos and Video, Photos and Video, Stage Shows, Uncategorized

ImaginAerial rebooted their first show, Luminarium, in Toronto at the Westin Harbor Castle for the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO). The circus talent’s credits include Pippin and Cabaret on Broadway, Les Sept Doigt de la Main, Cirque du Soleil, among many others. We had hoop diving, cube juggling, hand balancing, acro biking, hula hooping, wheeling, contorting, aerials, and much more. Costume designer, Katie Sue Nicklos of Timberlake Studios created groundbreaking costumes using EL wire that lit up the stage and elicited an “ooh” or two (Fun safety tidbit, battery packs are protected by condoms, which I later realized were lying out open in the dressing room. Oops.). Renown lighting designer Martin Postma completed the vision of light with projections and black light giving each act its own unique imagery and making everything pop.


Sneak preview of the show!

Post by Angela Attia


Dare to Imagine….


ImaginAerial Serves Some (Upside Down) WOW at the University of Pennsylvania!

May 13, 2015 Comments Off on ImaginAerial Serves Some (Upside Down) WOW at the University of Pennsylvania! Aerial Acts, Corporate Events, Ground Acts, Photos and Video

ImaginAerial had the pleasure of providing the cirque-style wow factor at the University of Pennsylvania last week – check out some of the early pics! Champagne aerialists, hand-balancing magic, and one helluva silk act. BOOM!


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New Years Eve – Ringin’ 2015 in With Style!

January 6, 2015 Comments Off on New Years Eve – Ringin’ 2015 in With Style! Corporate Events, Photos and Video, Uncategorized

This was a FABULOUS year for us here at ImaginAerial, and New Years Eve was extra special! We had not one, but TWO amazing events here in NYC! The first was at the Novotel Times Square – it’s our third year there, and it’s an evening we look forward to all year. The second was was at the prestigious Spice Market in the meat-packing district, one of Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s fabulous restaurants. Have a look and happy new year!!!!

Novotel Times Square

Novotel Photos by Kenneth Feldman

Spice Market

Quadruple Trapeze

April 4, 2014 Comments Off on Quadruple Trapeze Corporate Events, Photos and Video

Quad TrapWhat is Quad Trapeze?

Quad Trapeze is a fun, versatile act that livens up any event! With four vibrant performers, you get a tremendous range of options (they can all be used multiple times throughout the evening!). Whether you’re looking for a cirque-style feel or a burlesque-y extravaganza, this classy, sassy performance fits the bill.


What Does Quad Trapeze Look Like?

Our video is in the shop getting a much-needed update with new footage. Check back soon!

What Does This Act Need to Perform?

Don’t worry – we have rigging options to suit nearly every venue! This act requires four successive rigging point (exposed beam, sky hook, truss, theatrical grid, etc.), and a ceiling height of at least 16 feet. Free-standing rigs are also available. Email us at or call us at 212-252-3131 – we’re happy to answer your questions!


  • This act is 6-8 minutes long.
  • This act cannot swing or spin.
  • This act is best performed with audience in front (as opposed to all sides).
  • This act requires at least 16 feet to be safely performed in its entirety.
  • This act is appropriate for all audiences.
  • There are multiple costumes and music choices for this act.
  • Floor must be completely clear (no tables,  chairs, sets, etc.) Performer must be at least 3 feet from the edge of a stage or platform.
  • Performers may not perform directly over audience members. All necessary precautions must be taken to prevent audience from walking underneath the aerialist.

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Happy New Year from ImaginAerial!

January 7, 2014 Comments Off on Happy New Year from ImaginAerial! Corporate Events, Photos and Video, Uncategorized


How did YOU ring in the new year? ImaginAerial counted down the seconds to 2014 upside down and pouring champagne at the gorgeous Novotel in Times Square! We can’t think of any way we’d rather do it. Many thanks to the incredible folks at Novotel – they were gracious, accommodating, and wonderful hosts. Happy New Year, everyone! May it be the best so far! Dare to imagine, Laura


Have a look at the New Years fabulousness! Featuring aerialist Michelle.

Special thanks to Kenneth Feldman at for the wonderful photos – if you EVER need a website designed, he’s your man!

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Sunday in Saratoga – a Magical Event!

October 9, 2013 Comments Off on Sunday in Saratoga – a Magical Event! Corporate Events, Photos and Video

Aerial champagne serving!



I don’t know what YOU do on a Sunday night, but here at ImaginAerial, we BRING THE AWESOME! Here’s some fun footage from an event we did this past Sunday for the NYS Council of Superintendents conference in Saratoga Springs, NY. I have no words to express what a joy they were to work with and perform for – what an incredible group of people! Check it out! Dare to imagine, Laura



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One Night in Texas

May 6, 2013 Comments Off on One Night in Texas Corporate Events, Photos and Video, Uncategorized
Start with a few upside down cocktails!

Start with a few upside down cocktails!

Every once in a while, we like to give you a little taste of some of the events we do. Recently, we spent an amazing evening in Texas pouring drinks upside down. Then we pulled out all the stops in a great performance! We had an amazing time as I think you can see from the pictures and video. Enjoy!



Captain TX











Check out the VIDEO!


Fashion Forward – The Nekkid Truth About Workin’ the Catwalk

July 17, 2012 Comments Off on Fashion Forward – The Nekkid Truth About Workin’ the Catwalk Corporate Events, Photos and Video, Uncategorized

A few weeks ago, ImaginAerial had the extraordinary pleasure of performing during an amazing fashion show. Thought you might enjoy a look at what REALLY goes on behind the runway. Brace yourselves, the beauty business isn’t always pretty.

We arrived at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel to find our brand-spankin’ new fabrics rigged and ready to go. “Virgin” silks are appallingly stretchy (and slick as snot), so our first order of business was to entertain the crew by attempting to climb and spray them with rosin as we went. Hilarity ensued – we successfully coated ourselves in a fine mist of aerial glamour glue, and did our part to widen the hole in the ozone layer. Mission accomplished.

After a solid rehearsal, Angela and I ran to get food, which we opened upon our return to the communal dressing room we were sharing with a herd of gorgeous fashion models. In unison, thirty partially-quaffed heads snapped in our direction, and fixed us with very, very hungry glares – apparently, one does not eat in front of runway models. Our bad. We snarfed our food, and began the increasingly complicated project of getting into costume. One tub of Crisco, a shoe horn, and four pairs of Spanx later, we’re good to go!


It was controlled chaos backstage, as we dodged the lovely ladies and their male cohorts, all with names like Dante and David (pronounced Dah-veeeeeeeeeeed). We managed to warm up by using a clothes rack as a ballet bar, and Dante as – well, as a solid pillar of support (our eternal thanks, Dante!).

The actual performance went off without a hitch, and the crowd had a blast! The confetti canons went off a bit prematurely (no need to be embarrassed, really – it happens to a lot of guys), which resulted in a phony-tail full of confetti, but it was a festive look. We’re hoping to get more photos and video soon, so check back – it’s not every day you get to “shake your little tush on the catwalk”. Big love, Laura from ImaginAerial

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Photos courtesy of Michael Bongar from Bongarbiz who brought us in on this event (Michael is AWESOME!!!!).