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The Days of the Single Act are Over – How to Get (and Stay) Ahead

April 1, 2014 Comments Off on The Days of the Single Act are Over – How to Get (and Stay) Ahead Auditions, Corporate Events, Uncategorized

Acro - Male FemaleOnce upon a time, having one amazing act was all you needed to keep you turning tricks all year round. But now, with competition in our industry growing daily, and production pennies being pinched until they scream, one is often just not enough! In this oversaturated market, what will you do to pull away from the herd?


Differentiating Yourself in a Narrow Market

Truth? You may do a great contortion act, but the second I find someone who does great contortion AND cyr wheel, your job security gets a bit less, well, secure. It’s just much easier to cast multiple-skill performers, especially if there’s travel involved! Yes, friends, budgets are that tight now. That’s not to say that we NEVER opt for the one-act artist, but you’ll need to be slap-yo-mama good (for those of you not raised in the South, that’s REALLY, REALLY GOOD), or do something supremely unique to justify the expense.

Tweet: Don’t pigeon-hole yourself! The more skills you have, the easier it is to give you work.

3 Ways to Market Your Mad Skilz

  1. Get two acts show-ready! Some skills are easier than others to pick up, and it’s different for everyone. Start with what you love and go from there! It’s worth noting that ground acts often command higher pay and are in great demand. Downside? They often take much longer to train up to.
  2. Have one spectacular act and a host of walk-around skills! If you do a great juggling act, and can do walk-around unicycle, rola-bola, diabolo, and cigar boxes, you will WORK. If you’re an aerialist, see if you can find a ground skill that you can polish to a walk-around level (if you’re part of a duo, consider some duo partner acro!).
  3. Create a unique act and/or be the absolute best in your field! Don’t want to create a second act? Be so good that NO ONE else will do, and I will happily make room in my budget because there is simply nobody better! OR, create something that only you do. If you’re the only fire-spinning aerial contortion hair hang act, you’re sittin’ pretty. 😉


In closing, I hope you’ll take some time this year to really look at your “product”. Is it something casting folks will want to snatch up? You should ALWAYS be upping your game. What’s the one thing you could work on that would make the biggest difference in your work this year? Now, go do that thing. Dare to imagine, Laura

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Getting Hired by ImaginAerial- Here’s How!

July 25, 2012 Comments Off on Getting Hired by ImaginAerial- Here’s How! Auditions, Uncategorized

Trying to get hired to do anything can be frustrating. This is especially true for the circus. What are they really looking for? How do I get their attention? We have been there too! It can be a confusing and frustrating process, but we are here to spill all the big secrets. And we won’t make you jump through a lot of hoops unless that is what you do.


Be persistent, but not annoying. This is a fine line. It’s like dating. We like knowing someone is truly interested in us, but not stalking us.  Like everyone, we are busy and it takes a minute for someone to even get onto our radar. Recently, we hired an excellent ground artist from Florida who would contact us every few months to send new material or to let us know when she was in town. After a while, we developed an email relationship with her and she would start to come to mind when we were thinking of hiring people. She demonstrated a clear interest and responsiveness.  It didn’t hurt that her act was unique and she was clearly talented.

On the other extreme, we were also contacted by someone who submitted her resume via email. We thanked her, but didn’t see any immediate need for the particular services that she was offering. Then she showed up at Angela’s home, somehow got into a locked building, and stuck a resume under her door.  This act is probably an example of an innocent lack of boundary, but still it made Angela glad she doesn’t own a rabbit (for those that remember Fatal Attraction).

Volunteer yourself. We have also hired people based on their voluntary participation in various shows. Occasionally, we either do our own artistic venture or we donate a performance to a few specific charities. People that do pro bono work for us always get onto our priority hire list automatically.  We know the extra work it takes and we want to return the favor. It also gives us a chance to see how we work together, to see how consistent, reliable, or easy going a person is. Big bonus points if you have some good fart jokes.

Know that every job counts. Remember that every job you do, no matter who it is for is important. First thing we do before hiring someone is check around to see who has worked with this person before. The moment we hear anything about being difficult or late or inappropriate, then we don’t bother looking into the matter any further.

Have a good video on YouTube. When you do send us a contact email, always include a good video. If it’s far away or someone’s head is in the way, hold your horses until you have a decent video. Not like this! It doesn’t have to be slick, just easy to see and in an actual show.  Also put it on youtube. We don’t want to have to do anything but click one link.  Resumes are almost pointless. This is circus. We don’t actually care who you’ve worked for or trained with; the proof is in what you do. Sometimes it can even be a detriment if a company or circus that you’ve worked for doesn’t have a strong reputation. Show us your performance quality and your skills. Those are what matter.  As a side note, we get quite a lot of emails from solo silk artists, but we are always looking for unique and strong ground acts, especially hand to hand. We also give priority to people who have two strong acts.

If you do get hired, there are certain things you can do to be sure you come back again. Always email us back the same day whenever possible. Also, we tend to send out event sheets with all the info you need for an event the week before it happens. If you need certain info about the event before that, ask us once and we will do our best to get it. Basically, it pays to take the job seriously but not to take yourself too seriously. Now, werk!