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Aerial Hammock/Slammock

September 3, 2012 Comments Off on Aerial Hammock/Slammock Ambiance, Hammock, Uncategorized

Aerial Hammock


What is Aerial Hammock? What is Aerial Slammock?

An aerial hammock is an aerial silk looped in half, resulting in a “hammock” in which the artist contorts, flips, and poses. An aerial “slammock” is a hammock with the addition of two long strands of fabric which can be swirled and manipulated to gorgeous effect. Hammock and slammock are ideal for atmospheric performance, or can be performed as a stand-alone act.



What does Aerial Hammock/Slammock look like? 


What does Aerial Hammock/Slammock need to perform?

Don’t worry – there are rigging options to suit nearly every venue! This act requires a single rigging point (exposed beam, sky hook, truss, theatrical grid, etc.), and a ceiling height of at least 12 feet. Free-standing rigs are also available for an additional fee. Email us at – we’re happy to answer your questions!


  • This act can be performed as atmosphere or as a dedicated act. Sets are typically 10-15 minutes, and each artist can perform up to 3-4 sets in a four hour time period.
  • As a stand-alone act, this act is usually 5-8 minutes long
  • This act can spin.
  • This act is perfect for performances with audience on all sides.
  • This act requires at least 12 feet to be safely performed in its entirety.
  • This act is appropriate for all audiences.
  • There are multiple costumes, silk, and music choices possible for this act.
  • Floor must be completely clear (no tables,  chairs, sets, etc.) Performer must be at least 3 feet from the edge of a stage or platform.
  • Performers may not perform directly over audience members. All necessary precautions must be taken to prevent audience from walking underneath the aerialist.


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