Cyr Wheel

Posted by: on February 3, 2020

What is Cyr Wheel?

The Cyr Wheel, also known as Rou Cyr or Mono-wheel, is an apparatus consisting of one large metal ring.  The artist grasps the rim of the wheel and performs breathtaking gyroscopic rolls, spins, and  acrobatic moves. This act can be performed on a regular aluminum or LED enhanced cyr.

What does a Cyr Wheel artist need to perform?

  • This act requires at least 20’x20’ of floor space (absolute min. 16’x16’ – with a more limited performance)
  • This act requires at least 9 feet of unobstructed ceiling height.
  • The performance surface must be unobstructed, flat, level, and hard.
  • The performance surface must be smooth. Some less-than-smooth surfaces (for example some outdoor venues) can be accommodated, only for non-LED performances, though the surface will need to be approved in advance. A good test for what qualifies as smooth vs. abrasive is if you fall down on your knees, will it scrape off skin?
  • The performance surface must be clean and dry for the safety of the artist. This must be true at the time of the Cyr Wheel performance, not just at the beginning of the show/event, so if preceding acts leave debris or moisture on the surface it must be removed prior to Cyr Wheel for safety reasons. Fog machines will often leave a slippery residue and/or condensation on the floor that is not noticeable for normal walking or dancing, but is particularly dangerous for Cyr Wheel.
  • For LED cyr, an assistant will be needed to do simple operation of the laptop/software that controls the wheel’s lights. This is exceedingly simple – don’t worry!


    • Cyr is best performed as a dedicated act, but also works well as a featured atmospheric element.
    • Particular attention must be paid to the floor or performance surface for this act (see above).
    • This act is appropriate for all audiences.
    • There are multiple costumes and music choices possible for this act.
    • This act is available as a metal cyr, or LED enhanced for an additional fee.


What does Cyr Wheel Look Like?


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