Flower Power!

Posted by: on October 30, 2019

What is Flower Power?

Flower Power is a groovy, psychedelic circus experience! From Austin Powers level costumes to 60’s Mod, this theme is really far out. Break out the lava lamps, bead curtains, and fringy vests!


What Does Flower Power Look Like?

Here’s an example of a Flower Power event we did for Ray Catena Auto Group!


What Do Flower Power Artists Need to Perform?

  • We can include any ImaginAerial act in this theme! Especially fun are aerial hoop (lyra) and hula hoops.
  • Costumes range from brightly colored psychedelic prints to a classic 60’s Mod look.
  • Artists can perform acts while mingling with guests, on a stage or pedestal, or as part of a show.
  • Flower Power ground artists need a clean floor space, and about 5×5 feet of space on a stage, pedestal, or floor.
  • If UV blacklight is desired, the client will need to arrange for UV units through their lighting vendor.
  • If you have questions (and I’ll bet you do), zap us an email and we can talk you through it.
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