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Returning to Cirque du Floyd! Artist Guest Blog by Chris Delgado

July 12, 2018 Comments Off on Returning to Cirque du Floyd! Artist Guest Blog by Chris Delgado Uncategorized

Even as an artist, your work can sometimes feel like drudgery, and often you find yourself compromising your vision or feeling like a little cog in a big machine. When the exception comes, you take notice, and that exception is Cirque du Floyd in Floyd, VA.

Floyd is an amazing little town, and being a part of their previous festival was a personal high point for the entire year. Floyd feels like an oasis filled with creativity, color, laughter and love. Before the performance last year, I was able to spend some time enjoying the festival and town myself. Everyone was so welcoming; from the home brewed kombucha, to the delightfully delicious Floyd country store, to the massive kites that kids taught me to fly. The community was exceptionally warm and appreciative.

Now, we find ourselves back in the studio tweaking our glow extravaganza “Luminarium”, and it couldn’t feel better. Rehearsals are all about following the laughter. What feels good? What looks good? If it makes us laugh, it’s goin’ in the show! It’s so freeing to create a show that is as quirky and silly as we are.

We’re working with our usual crew of amazing artists, and this year’s show is a quirky spin on corporate culture – Luminarium Corp, where the circus is the everyday! During your first day interview, you may wind up sitting on your own head. The afternoon circle around the water cooler might just get up and roll away on it’s own. And at the end of the night, someone’s got to climb a 20 foot pole to turn out the lights. It is an office that is never next door, but in the fantasies of every dozing desk job daydreamer. To everyone reading, hope to see you in Floyd! Dare to imagine, Chris