Don’t Be a Jerk – Say Thank You!

Posted by: on July 29, 2014


Oh - the ways I humiliate myself for you people.

Oh – the ways I humiliate myself for you people.

The following is a PSA, sponsored by The League of Old Curmudgeon Circus Folks.

If I had a nickle dollar for every time we dispense advice, look over someone’s materials, inquire about availability, etc and never hear a thank you, I would…. well, let’s just say Dr Tummy Tuck and I would be overnight besties. Are you coming off as rude and not even knowing it? We’ve been there, and learned the hard way. Don’t be a jerk – say thank you!


When a Thank You is In Order

When in doubt, it never hurts! The following are examples of when a thank you is just plain good manners:

  • when someone has hooked you up (or even if they tried) with something or someone, be it a gig, a rigger, a space, etc.
  • when someone inquires as to your availability for a gig (“Yes! I’m available – thank you for thinking of me!” or “No, I’m sad to say I have another event that weekend. But thank you so much for thinking of me!”)
  • When someone emails you photos or video of your act.
  • when someone answers a question, particularly if they took time out of a busy schedule to give you career advice, look over your materials, or address concerns.
  • After a gig, a thank you note makes you stand out! It’s gracious, and acknowledges that they didn’t have to book you. Email is fine, it doesn’t have to be messengered over on embossed, perfumed stationary!

Good manners are, well, good manners! The person who goes the extra mile really shines, and it makes us want to work with them again and again. We’ve definitely forgotten our manners on occasion, and trust me – people remember. So, when in doubt, give a little gratitude! It makes you look good, and makes others feel good – everyone wins. Dare to imagine, Laura

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