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Killian Cog – Traveling Man (Guest Blogger Chris Delgado!)

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howfarforpastGuest blogger, Chris Delgado (our fabulous Killian!), waxes poetic about the shows beginnings, and the magical glue that holds it all together. Take it away, Chris!


Musings on “The Bizarre and Curious Quest of Killian Cog”

Killian Cog is a traveling man. He was born on a small airplane traveling from Texas to New York, as we (Laura, Angela, and myself) huddled over a notebook and tossed ideas across the aisle. He had an unusual trio of parents. His conception was electric, we could all feel it. As his journey twisted from fantastic to scientific, desperate and grasping, to solid and spiraling, his journey began with simple words: steam punk, time travel, love, circles.

We had so many ideas all stewing about, crossing and leaving trails, like sand slipping from our fingers, slowly falling and building something no single member of our team had absolute control over. Killian is built from strong pieces, strong performers, powerful minds. But the heart of Killian, the thing that pushes him forward, every moment through all of time, are not his lonely pieces, but the spaces between; when cast members offer up their personal “rubber chickens” and everyone is dancing, listening, writing, or sewing for hours after rehearsals. All of this show, from the handmade costumes to every note of the score; this is a show made not only of love, but of many loves and passions and fights and tears. And it shows in the faces of the cast on another Sunday rehearsal that goes on too long and runs over into the next. We love what we do. And we have assembled an exceptionally talented and passionate group of people here not just for themselves, but to be a part of something larger. So come, meet Killian, meet us. Follow in Killian’s footsteps, be free to dream of something impossible and to make it be.

Buy tickets to our Aerial Showcase and SNEAK PEEK at “The Bizarre and Curious Quest of Killian Cog” this weekend at SLAM! 8:00, Friday & Saturday, $20. Get tickets here!

Aerial wheel- The blast-off to “the Bizarre and Curious Quest of Killian Cog”

We are featuring a few of the fabulous parts of our new show, “The Bizarre and Curious Quest of Killian Cog”.

In rehearsal

In rehearsal


The flying clock!

The flying clock!

This week I’d like to introduce our watch spirits on Aerial Wheel! Our show is all steampunk-y, so of course, we have to start it off with a giant spinning, flying Wheel/Clock, just as it ends with a fabulous German Wheel act by Killian, played by Chris Delgado.

Just when Killian thinks his crazy-time-traveling-flying-clock creation is a bust, the thing comes to life (isn’t that ALWAYS the way it is?). AND it happens to come with three lovely watch spirits inside, Michelle Dortignac, Kristin Olness, and Hannah Risner.  In addition to performing an incredible and dynamic aerial trio, these mechanized ladies show Killian how his time travel map works and what he needs to do to get to each place. They also hint to the audience what kind of ride this unsuspecting guy is in for.

They set the course.  Killian then must decide exactly how far he will go. Below is a Facebook link to the Theater in Ohio.