Circus Duos: The prurient details (you think Snooki’s dramatic!) Part One

Posted by: on February 19, 2013

“Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday. That dweam wifin a dweam.”

It's a delicate balance

It’s a delicate balance

If you don’t know where the above quote is from then stop reading. This content is for mature audiences only.

When I got married, I wasn’t a nervous bride.  I figured there was just no way marriage could be harder or less rewarding than having a trapeze partner. In fact, I feel extremely lucky that I got to exorcise (and exercise!) all my relationship demons first, before unleashing them on my husband.  My aerial partner, Laura, and I have endured bad coffee, missed catches, single beds, sub-zero temperatures, oxygen deprivation, and a missing trapeze.  After ten years, we know each other’s pushable buttons and smelly armpits (as well as other bits) intimately.

I don’t know the stats, but I would guess the success rate of circus duos is probably on par with the success rate of marriage in LA.  The two of you have to be compatible on so many levels that it is not surprising that most only last one to two Kardashians (an excellent marital unit of measure, thanks Robert!).  Although, truth be told, deciding to go separate ways dramatically increases the probability of ending up with a two-year binding Cirque du Soleil contract together. Seen it happen.

Staying Together for the Act’s Sake

There is a lot you endure.

There is a lot you endure.

However, for every split, there is a dysfunctional duo that stays together for the sake of the act.  When we were performing for a casino in Portugal, there was a hand balancing duo (together for 20 years!) that regularly missed their curtain call, because they spent the time after their act screaming at each other in Russian backstage.
We’ve even seen identical twins who had absolutely everything going for them, youth, looks, lickable abs (we tested them), sunny dispositions, and oodles of talent skid to dissolution. Everyone wanted to hire them, and yet they couldn’t hack it together for more than a couple of years! For the love of Pete, these two are the same genetic material. You’d think you could avoid fighting with yourself. Sigh… but no.
In order for a duo to make it, so many pieces have to fall in place. You have to want the same things, see a future together, have aligned priorities, look aesthetically balanced, see eye to eye creatively, and approach the business side similarly. You each also have to have a fairly large arsenal of fart jokes handy.
There were times that Laura and I really thought we might be getting a divorce, then the thought of building a new website sobered us up right quick.  No, seriously…We did what any savvy couple in trouble does, we whored out our innermost feelings to national television (aren’t you proud, Mom!)
See below:

Not content with one medium, our conflicts are also featured in The Blame Game by Ben Dattner (there is way more than us in there!).  People who recognize us in the street are often surprised to hear we are still living the dream. And we are. Our relationship is stronger than ever. I have a cute mug with pictures on it as well as a YouTube video made just for me to prove it.

Two of a Kind

Two of a Kind

In the next few weeks we will explore these topics:

Why and How to Choose a Partner and Start a Partnership

How to Fight with Minimal Bloodshed

How to Thrive and Keep the Romance Alive

Please share with us any crazy stories about your partnership or partnerships you’ve witnessed.

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