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Champagne Aerialists/Aerial Bartenders

November 25, 2012 Comments Off on Champagne Aerialists/Aerial Bartenders Aerial Acts, Ambiance, FAQS, Uncategorized

Aerial-Bartending-SarahWhat are Champagne Aerialists or Aerial Bartenders?

These graceful performers pour flutes of champagne (or other light colored beverage of your choice) for your guests for a fun and unexpected welcome!



What Do Champagne Aerialists Look Like?

Aerial Bartender

What do Champagne Aerialists need to perform?

Don’t worry – we have rigging options to suit nearly every venue! This act requires a single rigging point (exposed beam, sky hook, truss, theatrical grid, etc.), and a ceiling height of at least 10 feet. Free-standing rigs are also available. Email us at  – we’re happy to answer your questions!


  • This act is atmospheric. Artists can perform up to 5 fifteen-minute sets in a four hour period, and must have at least 15 minutes between sets.
  • This act is perfect for the cocktail hour or for welcoming guests!
  • This act requires at least 10 feet to be safely performed.
  • This act is appropriate for all audiences.
  • There are multiple costume and silk choices for this act.
  • Floor must be completely clear (no tables,  chairs, sets, etc.) Performer must be at least 3 feet from the edge of a stage or platform.
  • Performers may not perform directly over audience members. All necessary precautions must be taken to prevent audience from walking underneath the aerialist.

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Jakarta or Bust!

November 6, 2012 Comments Off on Jakarta or Bust! Uncategorized

Sometime the perfect storm does not involve a giant hurricane and a cold front. Before there was Sandy, ImaginAerial enjoyed two weeks of performances in the lovely and warm Jakarta, Indonesia. It began by being greeted in the airport by our wonderful hosts At Groovy who got our baggage while we sipped a juice after a 30 hour flight. We then met the mall we would call home for the next two weeks. We experienced it all:  some mosquitoes, rigging problems, and food poisoning balanced by massages, real audience enthusiasm, and being taken care of by the nicest team ever.

Check out the video of our time there!

Duo in Lippo Mall

Group acro

Group Aerial