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Getting Hired by ImaginAerial- Here’s How!

July 25, 2012 Comments Off on Getting Hired by ImaginAerial- Here’s How! Auditions, Uncategorized

Trying to get hired to do anything can be frustrating. This is especially true for the circus. What are they really looking for? How do I get their attention? We have been there too! It can be a confusing and frustrating process, but we are here to spill all the big secrets. And we won’t make you jump through a lot of hoops unless that is what you do.


Be persistent, but not annoying. This is a fine line. It’s like dating. We like knowing someone is truly interested in us, but not stalking us.  Like everyone, we are busy and it takes a minute for someone to even get onto our radar. Recently, we hired an excellent ground artist from Florida who would contact us every few months to send new material or to let us know when she was in town. After a while, we developed an email relationship with her and she would start to come to mind when we were thinking of hiring people. She demonstrated a clear interest and responsiveness.  It didn’t hurt that her act was unique and she was clearly talented.

On the other extreme, we were also contacted by someone who submitted her resume via email. We thanked her, but didn’t see any immediate need for the particular services that she was offering. Then she showed up at Angela’s home, somehow got into a locked building, and stuck a resume under her door.  This act is probably an example of an innocent lack of boundary, but still it made Angela glad she doesn’t own a rabbit (for those that remember Fatal Attraction).

Volunteer yourself. We have also hired people based on their voluntary participation in various shows. Occasionally, we either do our own artistic venture or we donate a performance to a few specific charities. People that do pro bono work for us always get onto our priority hire list automatically.  We know the extra work it takes and we want to return the favor. It also gives us a chance to see how we work together, to see how consistent, reliable, or easy going a person is. Big bonus points if you have some good fart jokes.

Know that every job counts. Remember that every job you do, no matter who it is for is important. First thing we do before hiring someone is check around to see who has worked with this person before. The moment we hear anything about being difficult or late or inappropriate, then we don’t bother looking into the matter any further.

Have a good video on YouTube. When you do send us a contact email, always include a good video. If it’s far away or someone’s head is in the way, hold your horses until you have a decent video. Not like this! It doesn’t have to be slick, just easy to see and in an actual show.  Also put it on youtube. We don’t want to have to do anything but click one link.  Resumes are almost pointless. This is circus. We don’t actually care who you’ve worked for or trained with; the proof is in what you do. Sometimes it can even be a detriment if a company or circus that you’ve worked for doesn’t have a strong reputation. Show us your performance quality and your skills. Those are what matter.  As a side note, we get quite a lot of emails from solo silk artists, but we are always looking for unique and strong ground acts, especially hand to hand. We also give priority to people who have two strong acts.

If you do get hired, there are certain things you can do to be sure you come back again. Always email us back the same day whenever possible. Also, we tend to send out event sheets with all the info you need for an event the week before it happens. If you need certain info about the event before that, ask us once and we will do our best to get it. Basically, it pays to take the job seriously but not to take yourself too seriously. Now, werk!

Fashion Forward – The Nekkid Truth About Workin’ the Catwalk

July 17, 2012 Comments Off on Fashion Forward – The Nekkid Truth About Workin’ the Catwalk Corporate Events, Photos and Video, Uncategorized

A few weeks ago, ImaginAerial had the extraordinary pleasure of performing during an amazing fashion show. Thought you might enjoy a look at what REALLY goes on behind the runway. Brace yourselves, the beauty business isn’t always pretty.

We arrived at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel to find our brand-spankin’ new fabrics rigged and ready to go. “Virgin” silks are appallingly stretchy (and slick as snot), so our first order of business was to entertain the crew by attempting to climb and spray them with rosin as we went. Hilarity ensued – we successfully coated ourselves in a fine mist of aerial glamour glue, and did our part to widen the hole in the ozone layer. Mission accomplished.

After a solid rehearsal, Angela and I ran to get food, which we opened upon our return to the communal dressing room we were sharing with a herd of gorgeous fashion models. In unison, thirty partially-quaffed heads snapped in our direction, and fixed us with very, very hungry glares – apparently, one does not eat in front of runway models. Our bad. We snarfed our food, and began the increasingly complicated project of getting into costume. One tub of Crisco, a shoe horn, and four pairs of Spanx later, we’re good to go!


It was controlled chaos backstage, as we dodged the lovely ladies and their male cohorts, all with names like Dante and David (pronounced Dah-veeeeeeeeeeed). We managed to warm up by using a clothes rack as a ballet bar, and Dante as – well, as a solid pillar of support (our eternal thanks, Dante!).

The actual performance went off without a hitch, and the crowd had a blast! The confetti canons went off a bit prematurely (no need to be embarrassed, really – it happens to a lot of guys), which resulted in a phony-tail full of confetti, but it was a festive look. We’re hoping to get more photos and video soon, so check back – it’s not every day you get to “shake your little tush on the catwalk”. Big love, Laura from ImaginAerial

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Photos courtesy of Michael Bongar from Bongarbiz who brought us in on this event (Michael is AWESOME!!!!).