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A Costume Comes Into the World, Part 2

May 29, 2012 Comments Off on A Costume Comes Into the World, Part 2 Costumes, FAQS, Uncategorized

Chris being all dark and broody on his wheel.

Our star wheel artist, Chris “Thighmaster” Delgado, needed a snazzy new costume, and Laura “Fire Goddess” Witwer was just the lady to make it happen. For Part 1 of this series, click here! After the measurements have been taken, the costume designed, and the fabric bought, what is left except to begin? So begin we did.

Humble Beginnings – How a Costume Takes Shape

First, I used a fairly generic costume pattern that I like to call “Sassy Pants” to create the shell; we then tweaked the details like sleeve length, neckline, and how much “ease” (room to move) we needed to allow for in the legs so that Chris didn’t get an unspeakable wedgie mid-act, or telegraph his religion to the world. For this, we used a stretchy black spandex with an embossed reptile print to give it some depth.

It Gets Complicated – Layering and Shaping

Chris is tall and handsomely lanky, with freakishly long arms (and you know what they say about men with long arms), so the design goal was to broaden his chest, define his muscles, and increase his general bad-assery. Over the course of three booze-fueled fittings, I layered dozens of fabric pieces over the shell, and only stuck Chris with pins twice – that’s a record, yo! For the layering, I used a total of four different fabrics: one black burn-out fabric, and three red sparkly/shiny pieces.

The pattern was originally designed for separates, so I modified it to create a unitard. This of course required me to add a zipper (GAH!), though it would have been wildly entertaining to see him try to put it on without one. Chris also sweet-talked me (he’s good at that) into sewing a spiral down one arm, which meant I had to spend HOURS UPON HOURS sewing into a sleeve (Chris, you are the reason this Mommy drinks). I think the spiral was one of his favorite parts of the costume, so I guess it was worth the hangover. 😉


Tune in next week to see photos and video of the finished product! Chris and I are also now an acrobatic duo, so naturally I had to sew myself a matching costume. SPOILER ALERT: these costumes are completely hot. Until next week! Love, Laura

Photo: Eat the Cake NYC


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Behind The Scenes at Friday’s Event! Shhhhhhhhh…. Magic Is Happening!

May 5, 2012 Comments Off on Behind The Scenes at Friday’s Event! Shhhhhhhhh…. Magic Is Happening! Corporate Events, Photos and Video, Uncategorized

Angela & Laura in some VERY sparkly costumes!

Hey peeps! I thought it might be fun to chat about the mayhem and merriment of EVENT DAY by taking you behind the scenes at our latest gig. Join me, won’t you?


12:01 – Angela arrives at the venue to rig.

12:15 – Angela realizes that the ladder provided does not in fact reach the beams she’s supposed to rig off of. LADDER FAIL.  She texts me (Laura) to make sure I know to start worrying.

12:45 – Angela performs a miracle and makes it work. I do not want to know how, but I suspect it involved her catapulting herself from the ladder, executing four perfect somersaults, and landing cat-like on the beam above. Cause that’s how she rolls.

1:20 – Angela texts me that the rig is completed and I can stop hyperventilating. Whew, because that was getting tiring.

4:15 – I get on the ferry from lower Manhattan to the venue. It’s ridiculously windy and it’s like “The Perfect Storm” out there on the Hudson. I am a fetching shade of green upon arrival. Place looks amazing (The Liberty House always looks amazing – GORGEOUS venue, check out their site).

Amanda kicks herself in the head. You know, like you do.

5:30 – Company warm up! Amanda the Hula Hoop Artist arrives and does this. She’s a little flexible (and a lot fabulous).

6:30 – Time to start the spackling. We go from zero to drag queen in 30 seconds flat! (hint: glitter is our secret weapon)

7:29 – Exactly one minute before we’re supposed to start, Angela breaks the sink, falls in the toilet, and splits her costume. That’s talent, ya’ll.

7:30 – Duct tape fixes everything. Let the aerial bartending begin!

9:00 – Time for the show! Buckle your seatbelts, folks!

10:00 – All done! Time to raid the dessert table…. Twice…..

And a great time was had by all! Now you know what really happens backstage – glamorous, ain’t it?




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