A Birth Story: How a Costume Comes Into the World Part 1

Posted by: on April 10, 2012

You may laugh, but making a costume is a lot like growing a baby (I speak from experience) – lots of shopping, complaints of “this doesn’t fit my ________!”, and a big sigh of relief when it’s all over. OK,  it’s actually nothing like human gestation, but give Mama a little creative leeway! In any case, I hope you’ll join us for this Awesome Three Part Series on how a costume goes from being a twinkle in a costumer’s eye, to a sassy, fabulous, functional cirque-style unitard.

In The Beginning, There Was a Boy… and a Girl

The boy in this story is our AMAZING and super-talented German wheel artist, Chris Delgado. The girl is mahself (Laura), Co-Artistic Director of ImaginAerial and resident costumer. Chris is in need of a new, really dynamic Cirque-style costume for some of our upcoming shows, and I’m just the gal to make it happen! I sew most of the unitards for ImaginAerial – give me some spandex, rhinestones, and a seam ripper and I’ll show you a happy (really sparkly) camper.

At our first meeting, Chris whisked me off to Tahiti for the weekend. OK, not really (my husband just threw a VERY STINKY sock at me – jeez, I can’t get away with anything!). We actually had a chat about his needs as a wheel artist – what has to be covered? Uncovered? Loose or tight? Bedazzled or plain? We then touched on preferences like color, fabrics, and silhouette, and sketched out a design.  Next stop? Spandex House, the Mecca for all things stretchy in New York City!

You never know WHAT you'll find at Spandex House! I love this place!!!!!


So, we’ve got a design and $100 worth of red and black spandex – what’s next? CLIFF HANGER! Tune in next time for the Part Two in the series (hint: it involves several fittings, and please believe me when I say you don’t want to miss that).


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