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ImaginAerial’s Magnetic Presence

April 24, 2012 Comments Off on ImaginAerial’s Magnetic Presence Corporate Events, Photos and Video, Uncategorized

This past Tuesday, we at ImaginAerial had the pleasure of performing at the Metropolitan Pavilion at the 2012 AdAge Digital Conference. Check it out! We had a blast, and hope the attendees did too!

Angela smiling through a giant wedgie!


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A Birth Story: How a Costume Comes Into the World Part 1

April 10, 2012 Comments Off on A Birth Story: How a Costume Comes Into the World Part 1 Costumes, FAQS, Uncategorized

You may laugh, but making a costume is a lot like growing a baby (I speak from experience) – lots of shopping, complaints of “this doesn’t fit my ________!”, and a big sigh of relief when it’s all over. OK,  it’s actually nothing like human gestation, but give Mama a little creative leeway! In any case, I hope you’ll join us for this Awesome Three Part Series on how a costume goes from being a twinkle in a costumer’s eye, to a sassy, fabulous, functional cirque-style unitard.

In The Beginning, There Was a Boy… and a Girl

The boy in this story is our AMAZING and super-talented German wheel artist, Chris Delgado. The girl is mahself (Laura), Co-Artistic Director of ImaginAerial and resident costumer. Chris is in need of a new, really dynamic Cirque-style costume for some of our upcoming shows, and I’m just the gal to make it happen! I sew most of the unitards for ImaginAerial – give me some spandex, rhinestones, and a seam ripper and I’ll show you a happy (really sparkly) camper.

At our first meeting, Chris whisked me off to Tahiti for the weekend. OK, not really (my husband just threw a VERY STINKY sock at me – jeez, I can’t get away with anything!). We actually had a chat about his needs as a wheel artist – what has to be covered? Uncovered? Loose or tight? Bedazzled or plain? We then touched on preferences like color, fabrics, and silhouette, and sketched out a design.  Next stop? Spandex House, the Mecca for all things stretchy in New York City!

You never know WHAT you'll find at Spandex House! I love this place!!!!!


So, we’ve got a design and $100 worth of red and black spandex – what’s next? CLIFF HANGER! Tune in next time for the Part Two in the series (hint: it involves several fittings, and please believe me when I say you don’t want to miss that).


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Torturing the Younger Generation: ImaginAerial at SETC!

April 4, 2012 Comments Off on Torturing the Younger Generation: ImaginAerial at SETC! Media Mentions, Uncategorized

Oh my – Witwer and Jones on the road again! ImaginAerial descended upon Chatanooga, TN a couple of weeks ago as we partnered with Hall & Associates Flying Effects at the Southeastern Theater Conference. We had the pleasure of torturing some very promising young aerialists on aerial hammock and lyra (aerial hoop), while Tracy Nunnally and his team squished their classmates into harnesses and catapulted them into the rafters. A great time was had by all! If you don’t believe me, watch the video….