Learning How to be Funny and other Aerial Tricks

Posted by: on March 12, 2012

"Dead" And yes, I'm holding Laura by her ponytail in this picture!

The aerial world tends to take itself a little seriously, and maybe that’s because it’s so damn physically difficult. We are usually too busy just trying to hang on and force a smile through the pain and exertion.  Aerial work definitely always amazes people and has a certain mystique about it, and performers know it. Performers are often either sexy or showy or artsy, but rarely hilarious. Any attempts at comedy tend to be more cute than actually funny.
A couple of years ago,  we were on tour and both had the flu and Laura asked what would happen if one of us sort of fell apart in the middle of the act? Then we wondered, what if one of us died? Could the other person make sure that the show will go on? Laura and I decided to give comedy a shot and came up with this piece “Dead”. We had a blast creating it because it was something we’d never done into before. We even got some feedback from our professional clown friends. We discovered how important timing is and how big we have to make gestures in order for them to read. The act has continued to be many people’s favorite because it’s aerial work with a dark twist. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it.




  1. stephanie says:

    love the move at 1:27! this is great, i’m loving it.

    and i find i have trouble “acting” in general in aerials. i can’t make a sad piece about depression because i’m too damn happy when i’m up there and can’t stop smiling.