ImaginAerial And The Seven Bar Foundation – A Very Sassy Combination

Posted by: on February 21, 2012

ImaginAerial had the extraordinary pleasure of providing seven gorgeous aerialists for The Seven Bar Foundation’s Lingerie NY fashion show – it was EPIC! What a phenomenal organization! Great photo of ImaginAerial rockin’ the catwalk below! Meow.  There’s also phenomenal video footage of this event! We come at at about 2:55. There was a lot of waxing done in preparation for this event. I’m just sayin’. Check it out!

The Seven Bar Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women around the globe.
Save the world on a g-string, rather than a shoestring. Why not?

Seven Bar Foundation





February 21, 2012

Dearest Seven Bar Foundation enthusiast,There is nothing that we love more than sharing great updates (other than our supporters, of course). So it is with great pleasure that we send you our first quarterly-ish newsletter marking our growth empowering women and girls around the world. In loving us, you become a part of the solution… so thank you!

Royal Asscher

We are super excited to announce the debut of the Royal Asscher Special Collection in support of Seven Bar Foundation. These gorgeous pieces will be sold on CoutureLab, a luxury gift website specializing in fine and rare produces from around the globe. Every sale results in a 25% retail profit to benefit the Foundation and women around the world. A big thanks to Carmen Busquet and Lita Asscher for their united support! Diamonds have never looked so good!

Just Capitalism
Internationally acclaimed author and innovator Dr. Deepak Chopra invited Seven Bar Foundation chairwoman Renata M. Black to speak to Columbia University business school students for a three-day workshop titled “Just Capitalism.” Renata spoke of the Foundation’s business model for social impact, with an emphasis on our emerging for-profit angle: the “Empowered By” panty. Dr. Chopra and Adjunct Associate Professor of Marketing Sharad Devarajan led the class in exploring social business models, discussing new ways that entrepreneurs, corporations, and marketers can interact with their customers and communities. Seeing the future come to life was a sensational experience!

Lingerie London

For those of you who know how we do, you are going to want to block October 24, 2012 in your calendars. We’ll give you a hint… What is the U.K.’s favorite “second skin”? (It starts with an “A” and ends with latex and lace). We can’t give it all away just yet but don’t say we didn’t tell you in advance. Lingerie London is set to go down as THE event this Fall. To advance reserve a seat or table, contact
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