What’s HOT in Ground Acts for 2012

Posted by: on February 15, 2012

It may be cold outside, but it’s pretty warm  at the studio (kind of hot, actually)! What is it, you ask, that has us all a-twitter? Ground acts, ya’ll. Ground acts. Come see the must-have acts for 2012!


German Wheel

German Wheel

What it is: Well, it’s kind of hard to explain – you’d better watch this video. It’s like a human hamster wheel, but way better.

Why we love it: This act is SO dynamic and fun! It engages and energizes an audience like no other performance. With jaw-dropping spirals and incredible acrobatics, the German wheel will knock (roll?) your socks off. Highly recommended!


Acrobatic Pole


Acrobatic Pole

What it is: Yep – this is another one of those video moments. Click here to see this performer on the Ellen Degeneres Show!

Why we love it: Really, what’s not to love? The strength, beauty, and astounding athleticism of this act is just beyond words. He seems to defy gravity itself! Not to be missed.



Glow Juggling

What it is: You only think you know what juggling is. Imagine glowing balls and clubs, light up props, and some very sassy performance. Yes, please!

Why we love it: It’s a classic for a reason! Reinvented and amped up for 2012, this act never fails to get rave reviews!

Click here to see this act in action in our latest promo video!







What it is: You know what contortion is, I don’t have to explain it. But if you’d like to see some WOW!-inducing bendy-flexiness, check out this link.

Why we love it: Because it’s amazing to see people sit on their own heads! Also fun? The audience’s reaction to watching it! If I did this, they’d have to call an ambulance, so I leave it to the pros. Gorgeous!


 Hand To Hand

What it is: If you watch only one video today, please – let it be this one!

Why we love it: Um, hello? Because it’s simply astounding! This act brings the house down every show. The strength and beauty of this act cannot be overstated – it’s absolutely exquisite. AND they’re really easy on the eyes. Just a completely impartial observation.




We’re adding new acts to our company every day as we team up with the best of the best. Give us a ring – we’ll chat!

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