10 Money Saving Tips for Getting the Wow Factor You Want For Your Event

Posted by: on December 14, 2011

You’re event is looming large, and it’s time to plan for The Entertainment. We want SPECTACULAR! DRAMATIC! EARTHSHATTERING! ENTERTAINMENT!, but what if you have a budget that’s so tight you need to use Crisco to squeeze into it? Let’s face it, we’re not all Kardashians, so here are 10 hot tips to help you get more WOW! for your wallet.

1. Book early!

Just like the spring handbags at Barneys, the crème-de-la-crème of the cirque world gets snatched up quick. Don’t be left with last season’s Prada! Book early to ensure that you get first pick. (INSIDER TIP: entertainment companies, performers, etc. will often charge a “rush fee” if you book too close to your event because of the tremendous amount of extra work involved, so seriously – book early).

2. Choose your venue carefully.

If you know in the early stages of planning that you want aerial dancers, skip the venue with 12 foot ceilings. Spaces that are easy to hang in save you the cost of rigging personnel and extra equipment. Call us – we’re happy to share spaces that work!

3. Choose less expensive acts.

Contortionists are expensive – they can sit on their own heads, people! Certain acts command higher price tags than others, and it’s not always based on how great the act is, but on how rare it is. If you’re looking cut costs, go with aerial silks, aerial hoop, juggling, or another popular act.

4. Choose fewer acts with more impact.

Sometimes, less is more. Choosing one or two spectacular acts can not only save you money, but leave your guests energized and amazed. It’s like a few sips of a fine wine versus a keg of cheap beer – it’s quality, not quantity that makes an event.

5. Take advantage of the freebies!

Really take the time to find out what’s included when you’re considering which company to hire. Costumes? Basic rigging? Music editing? Cabana boys? (yes, yes, yes, and no….)  It’s not such a great bargain when they charge you for all of it separately!

6. Don’t feel like you have to “super-size” it – more is not always better.

Do you really need twelve hammock artists in antlers flinging confetti or would just two do the trick? Sometimes, more is just… well, more. You don’t always need fireworks to create a huge impact!

7. Let us do what we do best.

You hired professionals, let us do what we do best! We’ve been at this a long time, and have oodles of tricks up our sleeves to streamline our work and make things more efficient. Efficiency means savings, pure and simple.

8. Find the focus of your event.

What’s the big picture? How do you want guests to feel when they walk into the room? Share your vision with us and let us help you narrow it down to the essentials. If your guests are greeted with twenty aerialists and stilt walkers and jugglers and contortionists and rolling globes and one rogue unicyclist, they may feel a tad overwhelmed, and you’ve spent money you didn’t have to.

9. Choose one POW! moment.

The biggest bang for your buck is an actual act (as opposed to ambient performers). Showcase something extraordinary, and really make it the main event!

10. Pay early.

Many companies (ours included) offer a sweet discount for paying the balance early, and it’s less hassle for everyone. WIN!


This all adds up to significant savings, which can make a BIG difference if your party expenses are spinning out of control and your last name isn’t Trump. Let’s make it work, people!


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