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ImaginAerial Goes To BizBash!!!!

October 25, 2011 Comments Off on ImaginAerial Goes To BizBash!!!! New Offerings!, Uncategorized
Woot! Last week, ImaginAerial attended the BizBash Expo here in NYC, and oh – what a time we had. I thought I’d take this opportunity to share with you some of the folks we met, as well as highlight some companies we partner with to “bring the fabulous” to your event.

Strolling Tables

 Screaming Queens Entertainment

The name kind of says it all, doesn’t it? They provide everything from celebrity impersonators to showgirls, but our personal favorites are the gorgeous strolling tables pictured here. Check them out, and tell them ImaginAerial sent you!

Theatrical Vendors

 We also met with reps from Props for Today (scenic prop design), Pink Inc who does many of our large sculptural costumes and set pieces, Rosebrand (theatrical backdrops), and PBG Event Productions and Rentals (where we source our illuminated set pieces, pedestals, and more).

Pink, Inc.


Gorgeous illumination by PBG Events


 Bedazzle My Bonbons

Glitter? Bonbons? Yes, please! This was another fabulous find – so fabulous in fact, that we meandered past their booth a few (dozen) times. Not only are these glitter-coated bonbons gorgeous to look at, they are fabulously delish!  To find out more about Bedazzle My Bonbons, click here.

 Make My Cake Bakery

To keep our sugar high on an even keel, we also hovered near the Make My Cake Bakery booth, where they plied us with heavenly samples of cake-y perfection. While cake has nothing to do with what we offer, we wanted to give these folks a huge shout out – their presentation was spot on, and the samples scrumptious! They also happened to be some of the warmest, most delightful women we had the pleasure of meeting. Find out more about them here!
It was a great expo, and it’s always such a rush to see the new technology and innovation in our field. Stay tuned in the coming months for new offerings from ImaginAerial – we’re puttin’ it all to work! … And taste testing all your cake.

ImaginAerial – The Movie

October 18, 2011 Comments Off on ImaginAerial – The Movie Corporate Events, Photos and Video, Uncategorized

We just got our photos from the Rhone Wine event at Capitale in NYC, and WOWZAHS! Enjoy!


Excuse Me Ma’am, Do You Know How To Drive This Thing? Cirque Style Safety

October 11, 2011 Comments Off on Excuse Me Ma’am, Do You Know How To Drive This Thing? Cirque Style Safety FAQS, Safety, Uncategorized

ImaginAerial with the rigging team from Hall Associates Rigging FX

When you ask us, “Are you insured?” we suspect that what you really want to know is, “Are you insured? And is this safe? Is it scary? Have you ever fallen? How do I know you won’t land on my Aunt Daffodil?” Fear not, mah peeps! We’re going to break it down for you.

Is this safe?

Well, it is circus after all, but you have to figure that if we were constantly getting injured, no one would do it! We have spent the past decade training hard (getting up half an hour before we went to bed, eight days a week, through the snow, uphill both ways, etc.), and take what we do very seriously. We don’t work with amateurs or “green” performers for precisely this reason.

“But None Of The Other Companies Had A Problem With That!”

Dear Friend, we cringe when we hear those words. Usually, it’s when we are asked to do something we know compromises the safety of performers or audience, like perform directly over people’s heads without a safety wire, over tables, shark tanks, etc. Allow me to be candid – those other companies are cuckoo! Believe me, we want to perform over your shark tank (really!), but these things have to be done in a safe way, cause you know if we land on Aunt Daffodil, you’ll never hear the end of it.

Do You Use A Net?

Nope! For what we do, a net would actually be more dangerous than a fall! We use safety wires when appropriate or required by law (swinging trapeze, for example), but more often than not, these things actually get in the way and can do more harm than good.

Our Crackerjack Rigging Dudes

How do you know it won’t be raining aerialists at your event? The Fly Guys, that’s how! We’ve assembled a dream team of riggers and specialists whose very existence revolves around keeping us safely in the air and your venue intact. In all seriousness, they’re phenomenal at what they do, and they smell really good (BONUS). Shout out to Bill Auld (the only rigger I’ve ever managed to get in a head lock – it’s a long story), Tony Bonilla from B&W Rigging, our NYC go-to man with the great hat, and the rest of The Fly Guys – we couldn’t do it without you.

Well, I hope that answers a few of your questions! As always, feel free to zap us an email or give us a ring – we’ll have coffee and talk.

Part 2: Background Ambience or Foreground Fabulous? Work It Cirque Style!

Last week we explored what situations are the best for using ambiance, and which are perfect for acts. Now we get tactical. You want to get the most possible bang for your buck, right? Remember that even the best French toast isn’t going to taste so awesome if it sits around. Gotta keep it constantly fresh! The context in which you place these acts will make a big difference in how they are perceived, and in getting the most out of the cirque-style awesomeness you’ve ordered up.

Making Ambience Amazing – Do It Up Right!

Timing is Everything


– Ambient performance works best as the majority of people are first walking into the party, usually during the cocktail hour. Just like the first taste of chocolate or sip of wine is what we savor the most, the first impression is what they will remember.

Ambient Slammock

This is how we hang out!

– Going with ambience all night? Most parties (aside from weddings) do not start on time.  Have the performers begin 30-60 minutes after the official start time. In the past, we’ve noodled around for 10 people for an hour – awkward (oh, so awkward) and more expensive. Save your moolah!

-Please – we beg you – do not have the performers on for the last part of the party! The energy of a party always changes as it goes on, and I can’t tell you how many times people insist they want performers on for the entire party, pay for five hours and then tell us not to bother for the last hour (if we had a dollar….). Being impressed for four hours straight is exhausting – give your peeps a break!

The Nitty-Gritty – Straight Talk About All Things Ambient


-The performers should not be doing the same thing non-stop, you gotta mix it up, yo! The audience will not want to see a unicyclist or a stilt walker circle the room 100 times. It will make them dizzy and just wonder if the performer simply can’t find the bathroom.


photo: Andrew Brucker Juggling can be done anywhere

-If you know the party might be extremely crowded, someone needs to help the performers maintain some sort of space to do what they do. It’s very hard to balance on one arm if people keep spilling their drinks on you, or your toe keeps wandering into someone’s lasagna.

-Walk around performance does not work in very small spaces or with crowds of less than 100. With so much intimacy, the audience may be seeing many of the same tricks after a while (there’s that awkwardness again!).

-For goodness sake, do not place performers between the attendees and the buffet. It’s VERY dangerous. Laura once stuck her foot in someone’s bean dip.  It’s ugly (Laura here! It really was ugly!). When the food first comes out, give it focus.

 Get Your Act Together! How to Let Your Acts Take Center Stage

–  Have the act announced a few minutes ahead of time so people know something special is coming and will not step out to the bathroom and miss it (they will never let you forget it!).

Flying Silks, Only an Act!

Flying Silks can only an Act! Photo: Andrew Brucker

–  Schedule it once people have settled in a bit, either at the end of dinner before dessert or once everyone has a cocktail in hand.

– Make sure there is someone who can bring some lights onto the performer. There is nothing worse than an exciting act done in the dark or in all yellow (unless you’re going for the jaundiced look). We are happy to provide recommend a lighting designer and make these arrangements as well.

–  Make sure that everyone has good sightlines. We usually request a stage for contortion acts but sometimes we have been given a six inch riser and then people in the back end up hopping up and down.

–  Have a good person running sound. Nothing screams AMATEUR more than a DJ trying several songs waiting for the performer whose holding his/her opening position to yell “That’s it!” With today’s technology, there is no reason this embarrassment needs to happen. The DJ just has to be prepared.


Trio Triangle photo: Andrew Brucker, faster than the speed of light

Now let me subject you to my personal bias.  In my humble opinion, I feel that in general, acts make a much greater impact than ambiance. As stated in the previous article, there are good reasons as well as a time and a place for ambient entertainment.  That said, a spectacular trick or sequence can really make people’s faces light up. Those types of tricks are only going to happen when performers are doing an act, because when working for a long period of time, performers just can’t do their hardest/most spectacular work or they physically won’t make it through. A visual background wash can be really beautiful, but it doesn’t culminate in a breathless moment. Whatever direction you decide to go in, just make sure you think clearly about how it can really serve your message and your event.

Yes, I know – it’s a lot to take in! Don’t worry – this is just to give you a peek into the “why” of it all from a planner/performer perspective (try saying that 10x fast). Trust me – it’s not that complicated. Give us a ring, tell us what you’re envisioning, and we’ll take it from there. An informed consumer is our best client! And we love ya!