The Fine Line between Chintzy and Chic –How to make a Theme Party work

Posted by: on September 12, 2011

Probably the worst themed party ImaginAerial has ever done was a Luau themed party complete with fake tiki lamps and plastic leis.  Now this theme sounds like it could be fun, except that it took place in an incredibly dark sports arena on the east coast.  The party goers shivered in their mumus as they sipped mai tais in the cold and drafty space. And it was so dark, I’m not sure anyone was aware of people flying around above. Everything about this party was incongruous with our act and the venue. No one told us the theme ahead of time, so we arrived all Cirqued up, looking like we’d gotten the wrong room.  If we’d only known, we could have been tropical birds or even just had water themed music and costumes, but instead we looked like aliens from Montreal dropped in the tropics.

White parties are also all the rage.  Yes, white is cool, classy and modern, but white is well, white. Colorless, monochromatic, and dare I say, a little dull. Also a white costume on a white silk on a white background gives you the “Where’s Waldo?” problem.  However, we aren’t here to insult themes even though it’s fun. When cleverly done, a great theme can really make a party stand out.

Winter Silks

Winter Silks

First, just because you have cirque acts at your party does not mean the party’s theme has to be “Cirque”.  There is nothing wrong with a cirque theme, but most cirque acts are more than willing to play with different kinds of themes.   You can choose almost anything, whether it be the Roaring 20’s, Space Aliens, or Vampires. We can make it work.    Integrating the theme in with the acts makes the whole event seem polished rather than thrown together.  I’ve had prosthetic fangs on while partnering with two other people on a trapeze and no one bit a hole in her tongue.  I know it can be done!  The theme doesn’t have to be elaborate; it just has to work for your event.

 Questions to consider when you are searching for a theme:

Who are your attendees?  What is the occasion?

Has this theme been done in your community before?

What do you want people to walk away with?

Will it work with the feeling of the space? and the dimensions of the space?

What is your budget? Will it require special decorations or costumes?

Is there a way to integrate your food or entertainment into the theme?

Luau Compatible

Luau Compatible

Some of our favorite themes have been: Under the Sea, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, In the style of a certain painter, Winter Wonderland, and Moulin Rouge.

Just please, spare us the Hookie Lau unless you are having it outside or in Hawaii.

Something a little Sassier

Something a little Sassier

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